new member :)


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Asalam Alaikum

Born & raised in Toronto; from a Muslim family Mashallah...:SMILY231:

I’m a busy mother to 3 young daughters Mashallah & of course taking care of the hub too :)

Just recently was viewing some YouTube videos on Islam & I came across this website...seems like a very educating site

With having 3 children, I feel I need to educate myself more on Islam...I decided that I need to take a step closer to Islam & teach myself more than I know already; so I can teach my children Inshallah
Also I feel my pronunciation in Arabic is poor & I need to improve on that too...I was taught in the Urdu way & I need to correct this :shymuslima1:

Inshallah Allah will give me the strength to keep educating myself & to educate my children

Any help would be greatly appreciated….thanks


Abu Maryam
Assalamualikum sister,

Welcome to the forum...
InshaAllah, your questions will be answered...
InshaAllah, we can also learn from you...



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assalamo alaykom,
welcome dear sister to the forum...
as long as you have that strong willing to learn and teach islam to your children,allah will show the path and all of us here will help you anytime you need!
i'm also a new members and i'm full of motivation to learn and share all my knowledge about islam...


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hope you have time to find the help you need.

if you need anything please do not hesitate in contacting me i will try to be able to help you

have a great day



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thanx everyone :)

i hv been browsing this's a gr8 site MA!

gr8 job to the creators of this site! :shake: