NEW muslim youth Podcast (Need Help)


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Dates is a new muslim podcast from the youth prospective based in the UK. We are looking for suggestions for topics that we can discuss in our podcast any comments are welcomed.

BTW what do you think of our name ; dates????

SO far the topics we have discussed: ramadan, life as muslim in High School, interactions between youth and the adults in the community. CONTRIVERS

Looking forward to any suggestions,
From the Dates brotherZ

new girl

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Well as a high school student I can say that the most basice topics are: why hijab, relationships in islam, stories from the Holy Quran.
about the name (Dates) it's ok.
salammmmmmmmmmm ^_^

mohammed nasser

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I think you can discuss some topics related to Isalmic pillars , how o pray , how to fast , what about zakah & pilgrimage
You also can speak about islamic values such as care of your parents , leaving alcohol and drugs , islamic concept of perfection in work , worshipping and treating ppl
You can speak about citizenship in Europe and how to be part of this society
Hoping you the best ISA


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Dates Pilot

Assalaum aleikum warah ma tu lahi wa barakatu -
Peace be on you All, and Allah's mercy and blessing.

Thank You for all the suggestions and comments.
We were hoping to get some episodes up asap. But were sorry to tell you that the episodes wont come out for a while.
Since we still wanted to get something out in Ramadan, we created a pilot episode.
You can check out the pilot at "tv.muslim" (muslim with an "x") and search for "Dates Pilot".
The material that was used for the pilot was our first time recording, so we were all a lil nervous
Inshallah in the future we will be more organized and confident.

But since it is up, we have great opportunity to get some feedback.
So please don't be shy and leave a comment.