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Assalamu alaikum sister!

From your recent post, i assume that you have already taken the first step by declaring the Shahadah (testimoney of faith) and have become muslim.

If thats the case, then alot of congratualtions.

Allahu akbar, Alhamdulellah (all praise be to Allah)


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Salam sister, I have just read through ur posts and masha allah I feel that u are really interested in becoming a muslimah masha allah.

I reverted 2 years ago and although I wasn't really any religion before I am so happy to call myself muslim now alhumdulillah. I am also still learning and everyday finding new things, but you eva wanna chat or ask anything then you can pm me anytime insha allah. :hearts:

So how is it going with the mosque?? Have u been yet? I'm sure u will be very welcome by the muslim sisters and insha allah it will be the start of many visits. I remembered my first trip to the mosque it was when I took my shahadah I was so nervous but everyone was so friendly and I'm sure it will be the same for you.

Stay in touch with ur tti family and let us know how your journey is going masha allah.

Wasalam Saira xx :tti_sister:


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Masha Allah, .......
I do care for him, therefore, I would not want to be the source or cause of Allah being displeased with my brother/friend anymore than I already have. Astaghfir Allah.

I am thankful to Allah, Al-hamdulillah, for guiding me to this understanding and for the mercy he has shown me throughout my journey to Islam and Insha'Allah, as I continue to seek further knowledge.

Allahu Akbar!!

Assalamu alaykum... to be honest If I hadnt read your first post that said you were not a muslim, I would have assumed you are already a muslim. I must say for someone who isnt a muslim, you sure know how and where to use islamic terms!!! mashaAllah

I guess being a mormon, it might be a little bit easier for you to adapt to islam and the sunnah. If you have any questions and if you are unable to find a mosque, you can always chat with Yusuf Estes at CHAT ISLAM(without space in between and add . and com) I believe he spends some time everyday answering questions about islam on this site. Yusuf Estes, himself a convert is a renowned scholar and a popular person here in us.

Also a piece of advice if I may - Its always a good idea to have your questions answered through difference sources/people. People follow different opinions and its always better to get the bigger picture.


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My name is Yvonne. I am a 38 year old Mormon/Christian woman. I have been married for 17 years to the father of our three children. Recently, I have found myself drawn to learning more about the Muslim faith. I have only scratched the surface by reading information on various sites, but would like to learn more.

My circumstance is that I know a few Muslim men from my workplace, but have no women to speak with about this faith. Because, I do not wish to offend the wives of these men by having what may be seen as an improper association with them. I am limited in what I can learn from them. I find that it is difficult to strike up a conversation with women I see either at the store or any other public place. This is either because they shy away from me when I extend a gesture of kindness, or friendship, or because I am struck with the fear that they will think I'm silly for asking them questions.

I am a very plain person. I always say that I am a "What you see, is what you get" kind of person. I have grown up in a way that makes me a little different from the way I see most women. Instead of being domestic in the home, I tend to be a bit more "tomboyish" but am definately feminine. I'm just more of a mechanic than a homemaker. Maybe this is why so many of the Muslim women I do encounter shy from me. I've been raised to be very independant and self sufficient, when I need to be. Which can come across guarded.

With all of this being the case. I am trying this site to find some Muslim friends who will be willing to answer my questions and guide me as I learn more about this faith and the people who live it. I have a lot to learn, but am a willing and open minded student. I will respect your values and traditions. Just show me how. Help me grow.

I look forward to getting to know you. Assalamu Alaykum


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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

THANKS TO ALLAH He is Allah, than Whom there is no other God, the Knower of the Invisible and the Visible. He is the Beneficent, Merciful. (22) He is Allah, than Whom there is no other God, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, Peace, the Keeper of Faith, the Guardian, the Majestic, the Compeller, the Superb. Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him). (23) He is Allah, the Creator, the Shaper out of naught, the Fashioner. His are the most beautiful names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifieth Him, and He is the Mighty, the Wise (5:22-24) For guiding you in to the right path, sister take you time dont rush. one cant learn the whole of ISLAM in a short period of time . learn the basic first the rest will come.

warda A



from the amount of posts here, you can alraedy see what a wonderful family we do have. everyone has their opinions and we ask question and everything,
there is sisters forum and the sisters only you got yourself plenty of sisters to share everything you would like whether happy or sad.