Nusayri Shias carry Israeli Flag in Pro-Assad rally in Canada

Precious Star

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No none of the shia protesters were carrying an Israeli flag.

One of the opposing groups asked a nearby hotdog vendor to hold up the Israeli flag. They knew it was all being videotaped.


Muslim Guy
This is undeniable proof. Iran must be bombed with nuclear weapons. No shia must be spared.

What's worse is that on another video on youtube, there was a video of people marching and protesting for the Palestinian people with Palestinian flags, and in the background, you can clearly see an Israeli flag too. While some would say that it might be an Israeli supporter or person waving their flag, I am worried that the Palestinian supporters are secretly support Israel.


The people filming this, if they deliberately asked someone to hold up the flag just so they could get this footage of an Israeli flag, are responsible for deliberately spreading misinformation. If done on purpose, they remind me of the mischief makers that are referred to frequently throughout the Quran.

Assalam alaikum.