Old tti and new tti


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Asalamalikum wah ramhatullah wah bahraktu

How are u all my sisters and brothers? I am surprise to see here new look of TTI but i want to say something please don't mind . I want my old TTI look . This new look seems that there is something missing as compare to my old tti look . Old tti color was very decent . Sorry for my interference only just to inform u about new look of TTI ........
i also want to know do u like old tti look or u like new look?

walikumsalam wah ramahtullah wah bahrakatu


Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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wa Alaikum Asalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

Alhamdulillah. Perhaps I wasn't here so much to be used to the old look, but at first I too was surprised and uncomfortable with the new look. I still think there may be too many colours on the page, but already I forget how it used to be. And I do find little surprises around the site that I think are improvements, so yes, I like the new style.

Itqan Ullah

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Waliekumasslam warahmatullahi wabrakatu,
As bro mabsoot said in another thread old theme is not compatable with new software, so they won't be adding it back.


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Walikum salam

well sister right at first i thought i may seen some other website :) I miss the old TTi look as well
but seems like brother Itqan Ullah said maybe it won't be coming back.I like it..it's colourful all bright colors..