Um Abdur Rahman

Sclava lui Allaah
wa 3aleikom salam dear sister

Inshaa'Allah i wil ask...currently i dont know.
May ALlah bless u my dear sister.
Wa 3aliekom salam


Subhana Allah!
Asalamu alaykum sis Ruki:)

1) go to Quick Links.
2) Edit your details.
3) Edite email and Password.



Muslim Unity...
:salam2: dear sisters
jazakallahu khaiyr for replying
sister imaan May Allah bless you even more :) Ameen
sister Zaynab how do i go to quick links??
ok anyways Mashallah :)
May Allah reward you both in this world and the next Ameen
take care sisters


Muslim Unity...
Quick Links is an item on the menu bar on top of the page (see attached image). You can also click on User CP and then click on Edit Your Details.

:salam2: brother ayman
jazakallahu khaiyr for using your time to help me :)
Alhamdulillah:) i changed my password