Please Help Me Answer My Christian's Wife's Questions.


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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatu' Allah,

My wife was born into a Christianity. Although she had gone to a Christian school all her life, she has trouble accepting "Organized religions" (as she calls them) including Islam. We have had discussions before which concluded her belief in One God. I feel this is a good start as it's a lot closer to Islam than Christianity. However, every time we discuss religion, she asks me questions that I can't answer with my limited knowledge.

I humbly come to you in this community seeking your help and knowledge.

I have currently started reading the book "What did Jesus Really Say" by Mish'al Ibn Abdallah. I am finding the book extremely interesting as it goes on tackling the verses in the bible one by one. I am hoping through this thread to be able to ask her questions and learn from those with greator knowledge than me.

Our latest discussion, she has asked me about the crucifiction and the details of what happened. Now we all know in our Qur'an what happened. As a muslim believing in Allah's word, I accept it and go on with my life. However, the issue becomes pretty complex when my wife starts asking questions wanting me to prove that Jesus (PBU) did not actually die on the cross and that Allah has risen him to Him before the Jews go to him.

I have run into the debate between Ahmad Deedat and Josh McDowell and read the entire debate.

To be honest it was a bit complex for me to understand since I had no prior background in the bible and what Jesus actually said or not said. I was also hoping to draw from it some (black and white) proof, but I could not. They both presented their ideas in a very convincing way (meaning if you were a muslim, Ahamd Deedat made sense, but if you were Christian, McDowell presented verses from the bible demonstrating what Jesus's words supported his death on the cross). Other words, I could not find a definite win that I could take to my wife and say "Here's the proof.... Look."

From a muslim prespective, it's easy to discredit McDowell's argument since he's relying on a bible that has been modified and changed that there's no telling what Jesus has said. But, from a Christian prepective it's very hard to believe in Deedat's claims because the Bible claimed some verses that Jesus said that would support his death in the cross.

In the debate Deedat quoted verses from the bible that support his claim and kept saying "read your gosple." He made sense. But, McDowell comes back with other verses that Jesus said that support his death. For example:

Mr. Deedat says "I can have this case dismissed TWICE in two minutes in any court of law in any civilized country. I said twice because one of the testators in the Gospel of St. Mark, chapter 14, verse 50, tells us that at the most critical juncture in the life of Jesus, all His disciples forsook Him, and fled. ALL. If they were not there, the testimony of those who were not there to witness what happened will be thrown out of court."

Then McDowell comes back saying " The people who say that will often appeal to Mark 14:50. They say that within two minutes they could dismiss the argument because Jesus' followers all left Him and fled. So therefore, everything was hearsay. Men and women. this line of reasoning ignores common sense in the facts of the case. For example, read just the next four verses. It says this: "And Peter followed Him." You see, they left Him in a group, but they came back individually - immediately, Mr. Deedat.

Verse 4 says: "And Peter followed Him at a distance." He went right into the courtyard of the high priest. And he was sitting there with the officer. Can you imagine? With the officers, and warming himself. In Mark 14, it says, "And Peter was below, in the courtyard." Men and women, if you have studied the Scriptures, you'll realize that Mark, in his gospel, was writing down all the eyewitness accounts of Peter. Peter was right there. Then we go to John 18, verse 15: "And Simon Peter was following Jesus, and so was another disciple. Now that disciple was known to the high priest and entered with Jesus into the court of the high priest." John 19:26, "When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, 'Woman, behold your son.' " They were eyewitnesses. They were there. "

So.. It seems like McDowell was coming back with proof from the bible which one can have a hard time disputing with a Christian believer. This becomes especially hard when McDowell comes back with Jesus saying verses like the following:

" " The first fact I found is that Jesus was not afraid to die. In fact, He predicted His own death and resurrection. He said, "Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem." He said to His disciples, "The Son of Man is going to be delivered up to the death. And they will deliver Him to the Gentiles to mock and to whip and to crucify Him. And on the third day He will be raised up" (paraphrased from Matthew 17:22-23).

In another place He began to teach them that He had discovered many things. And then He said He'd be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, He would be killed, and He added that after three days, He was to rise again (Matthew 20:18, 19).

In Matthew 17, Jesus said to them, "The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men, and they will kill Him, and He will be raised again on the third day." "

"Jesus said in John 10: "The Father loves Me because I lay down My life that I may take it up again. No one has taken it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative." "

"The third fact that I learned is that the Jews were not guilty of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I was very surprised. Mr. Deedat, that you needed to be the defender of the Jews. There are Muslims and Christians that have gotten that distorted all through history. Jesus said in Matthew 20. verses 18 and 19, "We are going up to Jerusalem, and they will condemn Me to death. and will deliver Me over to the Gentiles, to mock and whip and crucify Me." Jesus said, "I lay down My life." If anyone was guilty, Jesus was. He said, "I have the power to lay it down, I have the power to take it up.""

It seems to me that Deedat was conveying that Jesus was indeed on the cross but he survived and didn't die?? Did I missunderstand something??

Also, the question becomes, how could one argue with a Christian; these verses by Jesus?? Are they written in Red Ink in the bible??

See how hard this is for me?? How can I logically prove or disprove the details of the crucifiction to my wife?? What happened to the man that was actually crucified?? Where did he disappear??

Any help is truely appreciated .. Jazakum Allah khairan.. Wa al salam alaikum.


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salam alaikum,

I don't think Deedat is saying that. I think his main point is there was no witness there to see him on the cross and there is no proof he died on the cross or was even there in the first place. all the accounts of the crucifixion differ and contradict each other in some ways, which should, to a logical person, cast doubts on how reliable the story is.

I come from a Christian background, and for me what convinced me the Bible wasn't the truth wasn't someone sitting down and disproving verses, but rather looking at the history of the Bible and early Christianity and how it came to be in its current form. I don't know how someone could know how the Bible was compiled and still believe that it's all true and reliable. Once I learned that it became impossible for me to take anything from the Bible seriously. Especially the crucifixion. Maybe you could go that route if all else fails?


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Well I think the best way for you and your wife to clear all the misconceptions is to listen to Dr Zakir Naiks speech on islam and christianity, the difference between islam and christianity, and many more stuff.. u can check them on
i believe this site will help u in finding all the videos and also if u can go to and register urself then u can watch live all the programs in that channel..
I hope these info will help and guide u


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Assalamualaikum brother,

I too am a revert from Christianity to, i can understand the kind of confusion surrounding both the Bible and the Quran literature regarding the crucifixtion. Infact, i spent almost 6 months trying to find a common link between the biblical version and the Quranic version...but i was quite unsuccessful.

But here is my suggestion...

Before even indulging into the event of the Crucifixtion, why don't you ask your wife "Why does our Almighty, All Merciful & Just GOD require a sacrifice to forgive the sins of mankind? Why does GOD require shedding of blood to forgive our sins? Isn't it easier to say - YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN?"

Hope this brings a different perspective...




I have little or no knowledge...however The Quran is the revelation to our Prophet, may the peace and blessings of Allah subhana talla be upon him, of the Word of Allah subhana talla. It is not written.
The Bible was complied almost four centuries after the death of Jesus. That initself is proof enough.


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:salam2:i would reply you but nowadays i am busy but i have something for you visit this web as brother already told u about this andd an other Dr. Zakir Naik's website inshallah u will find his written book on the above subject and videos too he had also debate with Pastor Rukkinddin Henry an Arab Christian in india u can see his video on his web ok may ALLAH help u and ur Wife to find the TRruth.:wasalam:


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How could Jesus [as] know and talk about his death if he was already dead according to the bible?


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Assalamoelaikoem warahmatullahi wbarakatuh brother,

There are so many contradictions in the bible. Like some brothers and sisters have mentioned you have to proof to your wive that the bible is full of contradictions. when she beliefs the bible is full of contradictions, you can insha Allah convince her.

Why don't you start with tawheed. Let her know Allah and his prophet. I want to say one thing about the Crusifiction and that is the following


Wassalamoelaikoem warahmatullahi wbarakatuh


The Bible was complied almost four centuries after the death of Jesus. That initself is proof enough.

Assalamu alaikum sister!

We should be careful as the Bible was a true revelation of Allah to Jesus (peace be upon him). It is part of our belief that Bible (original) was the word of God.

Could someone please shed a light on wether Jesus (peace be upon him) taught it verbally to his people or instructed the scribes to write it or instruct them to memorise it as the companions of Muhammad (peace be upon him) were scribing and memorising Quran?


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We should be careful as the Bible was a true revelation of Allah to Jesus (peace be upon him). It is part of our belief that Bible (original) was the word of God.

Assalamualaikum brother,

The Bible was not the true revelation of ALLAH to Jesus (peace be upon him)... The INJEEL was the True Revelation. The Bible (as the name suggests) is just a collection of Books - from the word Biblios or Library.


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In my humble opinion, using proofs from the Bible is only good to make the Christian aware that the Bible has serious flaws. But the proof of Islam is the Qur'an, and miracles with which Muhammad :saw:. So, you should better focus yourself on providing your wife proofs of Qur'an authenticity, and there are plenty of them. Because, even if you proof to her that Bible isn't from Allah, then you still don't have the proof for Islam, and that won't make her any more near to Islam. Also, if you have some questions, try contacting this brother: [email protected] He runs a site:, which is one of the best sites on compartive religions I've ever been to.

PS: You have plenty of other proofs that Bible isn't word of God, at least not 100%. For example, Dr. Maurice Bucaille's "The Qur'an, the Bible and science", also, then you have a collection of works of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat "The choice between Islam and Christianity" (2 volumes, they can be downloaded), and also Shaykhu-l-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's "Al-Jawabu-s-Saheeh ala man baddala deena-l-Maseeh" - "Answering Those Who Altered The Religion of Jesus Christ " This book is one of the most important Islamic books which gives right answers about Christianity. And what's one of the best things: everythiong's free for download. Also, you can order free books on Islam, with 0 shipping cost! Chesk it out here:



Dear brother, the Bible was a complilation of books, none of the writers of the Gospels were the actual writers..i.e. Mark is not written by Mark...the Acts and Letters are by Paul..what is known as the Bible were books that were thrown on a table and remained on the table. The books that fell were rejected. I do not make this up.

The brother is asking for us to provide proof to help his wife understand the Truth. She is refusing the Truth. The Truth is in the Quran. We must pray that she sees the Truth. He is a strong man.


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:salam2:taske a look at shabir ally s debates and videos i think he is one of the best in his field.



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Al Salam Alaikum again brothers and sisters. I am excited to see the various responses and help from you all. It sure does strengthen me in my cause to show my wife the right bath; the path to Islam insha'Allah.

I just got back to see the various responses.. I will take my time to look over them insha'Allah and will be asking you all more questions.. Just be patient with me. My task is not easy.. I have never been in a situation to spread Da'wa; therefore, I have no experience it such.. But, I feel that; in my current position, I will need to arm myself with as much knowledge as possible in order to be successfully logical and convincing. I know the truth lied in our Qur'an and our Islam. Conveying it to a non-believer is a totally different ball game. Therefore, I really need all the help I can get from the brothers and sisters in this community. God bless you all... and jazakum Allah khairan.

Now, let me read what you guys have written and we'll go forward insha'Allah.