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Salam sisters and brothers,

I need your advise and help,pls. My exams are going on for the next 3 weeks but then I have trouble studying and I dont know whether this is stress or not. When i pray i feel like my heart is blocked. I am very worried. I feel like Allah does not want to hear me.I am sorry if I said something wrong, Allah knows best however i cannot feel anything after prayer. It makes no difference to me and I am feeling really sad about this. I need to feel me being close to him more then ever now. Mayb its syaitan. I always have thoughts lingering in my mind that Allah and Islam is not the right one, Although for a fact I know that this is not true. I also know that syaitan is responsible for this adding to the fact that I have more non muslim friends around. Besides that I can't even sleep. I constantly feel worried and troubling inside. Is there any prayer or dua or soorah that I can read to make me feel better. Pls help me. I cant ask my non muslim friends to help me as they say I am being stressed out, but deep inside I know that is not the only reason. Your help is kindly appreciated.


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:salam2: Sister,




Reference: Fortress of the Muslim.



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The Solution

Dear Sister,

Please recite daily Sora Al Baqra (The Cow) it will take more than 1 hours but it will insha Allah solve all your problems.