PocketMuezzin MIDlet v2.0.2 J2ME


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PocketMuezzin MIDlet v2.0.2 J2ME

This software fully free. You can use and distribute without any charge. This software is intended to run in Cell phones with Java Micro Edition (CLCD 1.1) .


1. You can able to select major cities all over the world.
2. You can adjust calculations according to the daylight savings.

3. At the time of salat you can listen Azan as a warning

4. You can select any country and city among the 766 populated places.

5. You can enter your special coordinates as a location.

6. This software calculates praying (salat) times without establishing a connection to internet or wap.

7. You can set any Equanimity value to salat time

8. You can able to get results according to the six different calculation methods.

9. You can set any special Dawn and Twilight angle to calculate Fajr or Ishaa times.

10. Also there is altitude entrance option during the calculation of times.


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