Poem | Description of Paradise (Ibn al-Qayyim)


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The Description of Paradise (Jannah)
by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim

The full description of Paradise:

This taken from his famous poetry entitled “al-Kafiya al-Shafiya fee al-Intissar lil-Firqa al-Najiya” (The sufficient healing in the Triumph for the Ahlu-Sunna w al-Jama'a) it’s also known as “Nuniyyah ibn al-Qayyim” because the rhyme he used is the letter “Noon” (N). The original poetry is 5842 verses long composed of chapters explaining Islam and dealing with the other sects and religions. This extract is composed of 28 verses most taken separately between the page 217 to the last verse on page 256 (4931-5842) taken from the chapters describing Janna which are in the end.

O thee who wish to marry the Beautiful “Hoor”, and want to meet them in The Garden of Living (Janna)

Hasten, Accelerate your pace and efforts, indeed this walk of yours (this life) is like one hour in an age

It is a Garden of enjoyment and its bounty is goodness. For, its bounty is ever lasting, never fading

And its buildings are made of golden bricks and others of silver, two types which are different

Its inhabitants are people of Night Prayer and Fasting, their words and acts are goodness and excellence

In it, the servant (of Allah) has a tent made of pearls, it has been raised. It’s manufactured by al-Rahman (Most-Merciful)

Its rivers flow outside and without any ditch, Praise be to The One Who keeps them from flooding

Underneath them (servants), the rivers run, exploded, as they (servants) wish and a river will never be lacking

And the meeting with Our Lord The Most-Merciful has been mentioned in Chapters from the Qur'an

Have you not heard The Caller of The Belief (The Prophet) informing about The Caller of the Garden of Living?

(This caller will say) “O Ye People of Janna, Ye Have from The Most-Merciful a promise and He will realize it for you with guarantee”

They will answer: “Lord, Has you not already enlightened our faces and also our good actions. You have made heavier in the Balance (of The Judgement Day)

And also You have allowed us in Heaven when You have saved us from the punishment of the flames”

So He will say: “I made a promise the time has come that I realize it to you with My Mercy and Affection”

So they will see Him after unveiling Himself (from His Veil of Light) manifestly, this is what narrated Muslim (in al-Sahih) with explanation

And when the Believers will see Him, they will forget all the pleasure and enjoyment their eyes have seen

By God, there is nothing in this world (dunya) more delectable than the desire of the servant to meet The Most-Merciful (al-Rahman)

This is why sighting His Face, Praise be To Him, is the most complete delight to a human being

Allah Has a market (in Janna) set by the noble Angels with all perfection

In it, there is, By God, what no eye has ever seen before. Nay, and what no pair of ears has ever being hearing

Never even desired by a human heart. So, with a language, he would be describing

What a market! He who will be allowed in it have deserved, with safety, congratulation

It is a market where people get to know each other. In it, there is no fuss, no cheating, nor swearing

This, and the conclusion of the happiness is their immortality forever, in the House of Eternity and Satisfaction

My Lord, strengthen us on the Belief and make of us the guiders of the confused and the wandering

And honor us with The Truth and rescue us with it, a strong rescue, You are The All-Dominating

And May, upon The Messenger (Muhammad) be The best Salutations and Peace, from You, and total Satisfaction

And also upon all his companions and those who followed them afterwards with Excellence (Ihsan)