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10 Most Innovative & Annoying Alarm Clocks (real clocks I think)

#10 - Climbing clock . It hangs above your head and starts climbing while it rings. Don't wake up fast enough, and you won't be able to shut it up without a ladder.

# 9 Wake Up Puzzle . You have to build the puzzle to make it stop

# 8 Wake or Curse . You can ask it what the time is and it will answer. But if you don't wake up quickly enough it will curse you.

# 7 High Tech . This one has a vibrator, 95 db alarm and police style rotating light that you cannot ignore.

# 6 Find The Pin - You need find the right pin to stop it's ringing. Not going to stay sleepy after this mission.

# 5 Chicken and Egg Problem - The egg laying alarm clock. It will only quiet down after you put all the eggs back.

# 4 GI Joe . You will wake to the sound of your commander's wake up call. Don't mess with it.

# 3 Floating Around - Will float around the room until you'll catch it.

# 2 Kaboom - This acoustic grenade will wake the neighborhood with it's ultra loud sound level.

# 1 Hide and Seek - The winner is the hide and seek alarm clock. Once it begins to ring it falls down to the floor and finds a random place to hide. Chase it down or else you're doomed.


warda A

those alarm clocks drive you up the wall heheh


If you are traveling a lot and don't always know the language of the country you are visiting, then this T-shirt is for you. It has a phrase book printed on it so just point a finger at the pictogram you need and then point it twice at the question mark, which means, 'Where is it?' and in no time you have found what you were looking for… or not.

I could do with this shirt, i have completly no sence of direction, but how will i wear it ? on my abaya? LOl


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Very interesting inventions.

As per the last one, I didnt realize people had such a hard time waking up.



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Omg!! those were really funny inventions, bro dna1987 !! I would never get like these alarms into my room!! I prefer a normal old fashioned alarm rather than chasing my clock everyday!!! lol







Where can I buy these 2? I think the car sleepers are very useful a, I sometimes bump into things when I wake up at night. Plus they are unique and flashy!

Oh yeh, the noddle fan was funny...

Thanks for posting this funny thread.... :lol:



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lol...haha...i like the cookie n cup....n OMG those alarm clocks wud drive me mad (just hope there breakproof!)...all the evention luk ded funi n kul...


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Thanks for pasing by everyone :)

brther thariq the pictures that you posted are not shown:( i would love to see them tho..


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Pillow Head Rap

Great Invention for having a good sleep and to rest wherever you like...No more neck or back ache..Mashallah..wonder where i can get one..:p



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I guess All babies have to get started :lol: *dreaming of a shiny floor*<<lol akhi you made me laugh..

have no idea why can tyou acess it brother thariq :confused:..strange tho..any way jazak allah for posting the pictures even tho they dont show:)



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brother i've seen the toothbrush usb!! haha is it for real..have no idea why a person cant brush his teath unless he's workin on a computer!! :lol:
here are some more weird 'usb'ies..I loved the fridge one!! very useful!

1. USB Powered Air Conditioned Shirt
This shirt has two fans that circulate air to keep you dry. It has a switch that allows for adjustable fan speed, and can also be powered by four AA batteries in case your USB cable just isn’t long enough.

2. USB Powered Dart Launcher
This USB dart launcher can be aimed and launched with the included control software. Comes with three foam darts and has a range of 15 feet.

3. The USB Doorbell
You can choose what songs play when someone pushes the doorbell button with this USB Doorbell. It plays music in both MP3 and WMA format.

4. USB Podcast Studio
This USB studio kit includes a professional quality recording mic with a 19mm internal shock mounted diaphragm. Also includes digital audio workstation software and a slick aluminum case.


5. USB Powered Aquarium
Contains life-like animated fish that can be fed and played with via an interactive menu. Also has a blue LED nightlight and flowing water current.

6. USB Drum Kit
Just plug this drum kit into your USB port and start drumming away. The sound output plays over your computers speakers.

7. USB Rechargeable AA Batteries
Instead of paying for extra batteries or for a hefty recharging station, save yourself some money and buy some USB rechargeable batteries. Just pop the top, plug them in, and there you go.

8. USB Frag Pedal
These pedals add extra functionality to your computer interactivity. Just plug them in and you instantly have additional inputs. Right and left-click with your feet, or add a foot brake to a racing game.

9. USB Digital Microscope
This microscope allows you to view objects up to 200x. With the included plug and play software, you can also record your viewings in still frame images or in full video.

10. Oldschool USB Record Player
This USB record player has a slew of adjustable settings including pitch control and anti-skating, and also allows you to record your vinyl records in MP3 format… in high speed!

11. USB Golf Simulator
If you like to golf but don’t have to time to head out to the course, this simulator is for you. The launchpad plugs into your USB port and syncs up with the included copy of EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

12. USB Humidifier
This humidifier generates cool, moisturizing steam using ultrasonic waves in order to make breathing much more comfortable. Also includes an aroma oil add-on to add your favorite fragrance to the air.

13. USB Mini Fridge
This super mini fridge has enough room for a single beverage for those nights when you just can’t pull yourself away from the computer.

14. USB Cup Warmer, Vacuum Cleaner and Flexible Mini Lamp
This multi-gift set features a mini-vaccuum, a cup warmer, and a desk lamp for when you need to respectively clean up your desktop, keep your coffee hot, and see in the dark.

15. Wireless USB PC Remote
Perfect for when you need to give a presentation on your computer, this remote allows you to control it from a distance and direct the viewer’s attention with the built-in laser pointer.

16. USB Pencil Sharpener
A must have for any office worker or sketch artist. This USB pencil sharpener also includes an internal blue LED.

17. USB Powered Flexible Fan
This easily operable mini-fan comes with a positionable 30cm flexible metal wire. Easy to use on those super hot days.

18. USB Powered Foot Warming Slippers
Do your feet get cold? Are normal slippers not enough? Planning on being near a computer? Then use these USB powered slippers to keep your feet warm. As long as you stay within cable range of your PC, you’re good to go.

19. USB Powered Toothbrush
Most electric toothbrushes these days come with a bulky recharging station that you have to plug into the wall. That’s not a problem anymore, as these USB toothbrushes plug directly into your USB port.

20. USB Cooler Cushion
If you sit in a leather chair for several hours a day like the average office worker, then you know how hot and sweaty it can get, especially in the hot season. Well this cooler cushion solves that problem by keeping your seat nice and cool.



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If it is really tempting you, then its a picture of a lady who has a tissue roll stand on top of her head, and she is blowing her nose into the tissue :p and the other one i think was umbrella for the shoes :p

P.S just thought I would tempt your humour :p

the lady pic someone posted it before:D:D..but the umbrella shoes sounds interesting..ill try to search for it:tongue:..


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I fouuund the piccc :D:D btw is it the same pic? well if it is this was the pic the broother thariq wanted to post :tongue:

The shoe umbrella​