Qari Fatih Seferagić, MashAllah!!!

Aisya al-Humaira

الحمدلله على كل حال
Being a 17 yrs old hafidh and able to recite like Shiekh Mashari, I'm very impressed. Mashaa Allaah. Our local Ustadh encouraged more young men to become like him.

Despite not being able to understand/master much of Arabic language, he has an Arabic tongue. He's learning Arabic language at the moment, though.


Pearl of Islaam
Assalamu allaicum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu

Jazzak Allah khair dear sister Aisya for your reply.

Yes, our young brother voice is simullar like of Sheikh Mishary Al Afasy, MashAllah, that is very hard to make diffrence between thier voices. He is Bosnian orgin, and like you have said dear sister, it is really impressive as Arabic is not his first langauge, SubhanAllah.

May Allah keep our brother always on the right path. Ameen summa Ameen




Thank you for sharing

~Wassalam :)