quizzes About the companions of our prophet Salla Allahu a'layhe wa sallam

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
Insha Allah this is a good way to know more about our history and about the sahaba ( the companions of our prophet peace be upon him)

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the 1st Question:

what is the real name of Abu baker Al seddeeq?

Fatima S.Ar

Happiness = Islam
n where is ur Q? lol
here is mine .................name the shahbi mentioned in the surah e touba?

may be u meant Abo Bakr : "إذ يقول لصاحبه لا تحزن إن الله معنا "

Mine is : Who was the fist shaheedah ( Female ) in Islam ?
she is a companion too :)