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A kuwaiti citizin dedicated his life for islam. He decided to live in Africa for Dawa purposes. He provided schooling for the poor, mosque,income for the orphans and families, and many other projects to support the local resdients.

He established an islamic radio station, where people can listen to Qur'an recitation continuesly.

The shiekh said '' one day a local resident entered the Radio station and said'': '' Can I have a copy of the music that you play at night. That music made my heart relax, and made me forget about all the problems in my life. It's the first time I hear this kind of music, and the voice of the singer made me cry although I do not understand the language. I am not leaving here unless I have a copy'',

Shiekh replied ''My brother, this is not music, its Qur'an, it is the Words of the Creator Allah (SWT). This religion is Islam my brother, and we are muslims'', the man cried and said ''I heard about islam, but are you sure that the music was one last night isn't music?'' sheikh replied ''no its not''.

The local resident said '' I am I allowed to be a muslim?, and can you teach me how to read your Qur'an, like the man was reading last night''..

Sheikh said '' I promise I will, say Ashhado ana la ilaha ila Allah, Wa ashhado ana Mohammed rasool Allah''.... The man said the Shahada, and after a few years he memorised the Qur'an, spoke Arabic, perfected Al-Sharia,and became a qualified Imam''....

Subhanallah. I ask Allah (SWT) to guide us all to the true teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah, and reward our brothers and sisters who dedicated their lives for Islam..


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salaaam alikom

Can anyone provide the name of the kwaiti person, I know he is a shiekh or a Dr. subhan Allah i forgot his name if any one remember it please post it here..

This person was a Dr. Money and what every you can think he had it in Kuwait, but he left everything and went to Africa by Him self and after Allah's mercy and support he was able and till now doing Dawah in Africa the missionary spend Millions but people still response to this Muslim Dr...

If any one can remember his name please post it

wa salaam alikom

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Assalam Alykom brothers & sisters

Amiin Amiin your duas

Jazakum Allah khair. Brother ayman I had no idea that Hindu and Judaism had certain criteria to claim their religion. Amazing!!!. Alhamdullah, thats great news because many people will be rejected by both religions while Islam will welcome them inshallah.....

My brother mrmuslim I am sure you are talking about the same Shiekh or Dr. Whats more interesting, the orphans that he provided all the support from young age, today they are not only muslims but they graduated as Doctors from American Universities. Shiekh lived in Africa for over 25 years, left his mansion, luxury life style, for humanity and islamic objectives.
I have seen his interview in Arabic channel in 2002, but I really do not remember his name.

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Fe aman Allah...