Ramadan Mubarak


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Ramadan is here right now to stay
With us on this holy of days
Now we have to try to hold ourself
And prayer is a way to help

This is the month for self restraint
And for our kin to be acquaint
Keep all that food out of your mouth
And know what sacrifice's all about

Since all our deeds are amplified
Head out and reach out for the sky
In terms of deeds that should be done
Cause now it's times seven, not just one

Buy something from the store like gum
When it's time to break, give some to every one
Give charity, no matter how small
Cause this is the month to give our all

Wal Hamdulilah
Wa la ilaha illa lah
These are the sacred words we need to say

Don't forget to say the one
Allahu Akbar should have become
A word that's near to our tongue
And feel iman move through your lungs

Don't forget the prayers, bro
Don't try and saw ' aw,tomorrow'
We've got to make a difference now
And when we're done we should say wow

Wow in a good way, like 'look at me!'
'I passed Ramadan successfully'
'I hope for years I keep this up'
So from me to you I say 'Best of Luck'.

Ramadan Kareem.

Hasana jafreen

all praise 2 allah
ramadan mubarak:blackhijab: lets all pray allah n seek for his forgiveness...may allah bless us n make our lives happy n prosperous.....:tti_sister::tti_sister: