read this poem if you feel lazy to read salah


What Prayer is

These words I jot down cos I shudder with fear
At the thought that young Muslims can sleep without prayer
That to close ones eyes can be as easy as pie
Thinking that prayer is a ritual, outdated, should die

You my friend, you must be as dumb as a log,
For you have forsaken ur freedom, to be lead like a dog!
Have you the faintest idea what will happen to you
When you rot in your grave with the worms gnawing thru

When your body is dusting
Your flesh rotted away
"GAME OVER" is flashing,
And no more credits to play!

Then the sun will explode and the mountains will sway
And the whole of creation will rise on that day!
The angels will fly, like moths to a flame
And you'll tear from the earth, to explain ur life's game!

Blackened to a char will be the skin on ur face
Your friends will desert you , there won't be a trace
Iblis will be laughing, with a stitch on his side
Bcoz you were too STUPID, to get off his ride

The wealth of this world, took you for its bride
Its too late friend, its HELL for you inside
A fire so hot, that the boulders will burn
Like a match exploding, it'll soon be your turn.

If only you had that chance to repent
You'd soon reconsider all the time that you'd spent
And there will stand people, against whom you did tease
B'coz their sajdah did scare you, filled you with unease

While you tried to disown them, like a infectious disease,
Now you toss in the flames, while they cool in the breeze
In the line of eternity, ur life is a dot hundred years
Is all that you've got, 5 minutes of prayer!

Not worth the time ?
You've committed the greatest crime!
Prayer is not for your God
O! Fear our Lord!

When you put that big head on the humblest of dust
Its your heart that you clean, all tarnished with rust!
You connect ur soul wiz creations' Great Light
Even the darkest of hearts can be left shining bright

You remove all the sin, and Shaitan's whispering words
Slash evil's hold, with the greatest of swords.
Prayer is the path from earth to the sky
From a caterpillar you'll become a bright butterfly.

Prayer makes you remember that you ain't all that hot
And that your life really starts, when your flesh starts to rot
Prayer is that link to the mother from the womb
Prayer is the guardian that protects you in the tomb.

Prayer untangles your life, like a comb thru your hair
Against the fire of hell, it's the only cloak you can wear
So understand friend! To skip prayers is not cool
Its so stupid, so mad, you must be a fool

It's like crossing a desert without water to drink
Just open your eyes friend, just sit back and think!
This world is a lie, this world is game
Like a poisonous snake, which you never can tame

And just as you turn your back on what's right
There is sure something to bite
Fangs will leap from the darkness
Leading you to sadness

As you lie in ur coffin, facing the sky,
Your life will flash past, a twinkle in ur eye
You'll scream as the truth is slowly unveiled
Its too late, mate. This one you've failed.

Roby Rahman

Junior Member

Jazakallah Khair for sharing the poem with us. It is a great reminder that we will be reckoned for our deeds. Inshallah may ALLAH SWT give us the taufiq to pass his test. AMEEN.


Asalam alaikum
good to know that u enjoyed it.
to sister purified
i got it from a website
if u want the site..i can find it for u
walikum salam

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~ AllahuAkbar
Salaam sister,
its pretty late at night and im too sleepy !!
I had decided to skip my isha prayer !
But not after this ........!!!!!!!!!!
JazakALLAH Khayran sister !!

Salaam !!


I am really happy that this poem is benefical. May ALLAH keep us away from shatan and his whispers.Ameen