Reallly upset today


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Today was the first day I didn't fast :(. I was sick so I had to take anti-biotics which means I cant be fasting this whole week. I had my heart set on being able to fast the whole month and everyone was telling me I "did it" whilst there was 10 days left. I told them to say inshallah I will do it. The next day I had a sore throat, huge headache, runny nose, and unbearable cough. Sob'onee ayin I guess. Sigh, another month gone by with no fasting, I guess you can see why im upset.


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Oh come on brothers, what you have is from Allah........who are you upset with?
What are you upset about? If you feel its such a waste that you cannot fast for whole month, then what about us females, almost every year we cannot fast for a whole month.
Yallah, istighfar alot, for being upset you caught a cold or for not being able to fast.


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May Allaah give you good health. Ameen.

Insha'Allaah brother, make sure you make up the missed fasts after Ramadhaan and don't be sad.

Insha'Allaah let us all utilise these final nights in worship - what we are all personally capable of - and offer sincere repentance to the Lord of the Worlds.

May Allaah forgive and have mercy on us. Ameen,

May Allaah bless you.

Walaykum Salaam. :SMILY259:


Accept what Allah has decreed for you, you have an excuse not to fast. Please do not complain and consider it an expiation inshallah.

Sisters have to go days without fasting, but we accept it because it was written for us, so dont be upset. You can still pray and make lots of duaa.

Allahu Akbar! Ramadan Mubarak!:hijabi:


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Asalaamu Alaikum

First of all I am a sister, lol. I had to take antibiotics 4 times a day..I just decreased the times I took them and extended the amount of days. That's how I didn't miss any fasting time. I was upset at first too and then suddenly the idea came to me of how to work around this problem and I was so grateful. Just remember its Allah that cures you and not the antibiotics. Put your faith in Allah and just skip one dose per day. YOu will get better insha Allah. Alhumdulillah I did. :hijabi:


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You have bronchitis and need to take the medication prescribed or the infection could travel to yr lungs and I have done this mistake in the past and ended up with pneumonia and pleurosy and it was not fun? little brother. make up the days after eid and if you feel strong enough start fasting mondays and thursdays and the middle of each islamic month. don't be sad? say alhamdulillah