Reporting Offensive Advertisments


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Assalaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu

Recently, as I'm sure most of you have realized, TurnToIslam has made use of Advertisements to help mitigate some of the website costs. This is only in effect for members who are not logged in, and further information on this update can be found here for those not aware: Adverts for Non-Members

It has been noted and brought to our attention many times however, that certain Ads are offensive and inappropriate to our forum environment. We entirely agree to this and thus request said concerned brothers and sisters to help us give a bite to the bark and Report Offensive Advertisements.

What we ask is this:

1) When you come across an offensive advertisement, be it regarding dating, marriage etc... please copy the advertisement tag (from the top of the page) - but mainly the direct link - to that website. For example:

Tools to grow your church Empower your church’s mission. Discounts for churches under 2000. www. XX .org**

** Direct website link

We need the entire actual link to the site to be able to block it from Advertising on TTI. Google links or just the tag will not help.

-- As a side note, please try to obtain the links without directly clicking on them to copy them. Instead, if the link is not visible, you can hover your mouse above the link to note down the address.

2) To report these sites, we ask that the links be compiled in an email, with a subject preface which clearly indicates the content, and then be sent to > turntoislam At gmail dot com

The Admin will accordingly try to remove those reported sites from being able to place Ads. Please email responsibly, and keep any messages attached brief and to the point, since it is in effect impossible to read through/respond to every email.

We hope that our sincere brothers and sisters who have been very helpful in pointing out this disturbance aid us once again in removing these Ads.

Alternatively, the donations area is still open to anyone who would like to help in that manner.

JazaakumAllaahu khayran