Reward of enduring calamities patiently


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Hamid al-Tawil narrated that Mutraf ibn Abdullah al-Shukhairi said:

"I witnessed a funeral of person but when I reached the cemetery I secluded myself in a place near a grave. I prayed there, two light units of prayer that I was not much satisfied with as I felt they were imperfect. After I prayed them I fell in sleep and saw in my dream the man buried in the grave next to me, he said to me:

You prayed two units of prayer but you were not satisfied with their perfection?

I said:

'That is true.

He said:

'You work but you do not know and we (the dead) can no longer work. To be able to pray two units of prayer similar to the two units of prayer you have prayed (though you were not satisfied with) is more beloved to me than having the world and all that it includes.

I asked him:

'Tell me who is the highest rank among the (dead) people here (in this cemetery)?

He said:

All of them are good.

I asked:

'But who is the highest of ranks?'

He pointed at one grave so I said in my heart:

'O Allah bring him out to me so I talk to him'.

Upon that a very young man came out the grave.

I asked him:

'Are you the best of everyone here?'

He said:

'They say so'.

I asked him:

'What is it that made you the best of them because by Allah I do not think you have achieved this rank for performing many Hajj or 'Umrah or Jihad or good deeds (considering the fact you passed away at a very young age so you could not do much of good deeds).

He said:

'I was afflicted with calamities but I endured them patiently and that was the reason that gave me the privilege over everyone here.'"

(al-Tahzib 3/38-40 and al-Taqrib, 1/202)

(From 'Disturber of the Hearts', translation Ayman ibn Khalid, of 'Kitaab al-Mugliq', ibn al-Jawzi).