Ron Paul's farwell address


Noooo :(

Tis a sad day when Dr. Paul's voice is no longer heard in Congress. Then again, it never was but those of us willing to listen always did manage to hear him.

I wish him well. America would have been very lucky to have had him as a President but good people like him never prevail amidst a system of corruption.


Islam is a way of life
how does this concern islam? i dunno ron pual and is he muslim??!

No he is not Muslim but he is Pro-Palestine and wanted to cut all U.S.A money aid to Israel.

A quote came to mind: The enemy of your enemy is your friend, lol ;)


Islam is a way of life
Assalaam Alaikum,

Yes, he is one of the good guys.

I think the main reason peopel did not want to elect him is most people think he's an "anti-Semite" because of the cutting USA Aide to Israel thing.
And no American will vote for an anti-Semite.

Hard Rock Moslem

I'm your brother
No sister, even if Ron Paul was sincere to cut the aid to Israel, he will not succeed. He is not alone, he has group of satans around him to make policies. Never trust any American Presidents.