salaaam! i'm just new here!

salaam everyone!

my name is hafida and come from belgium and ALhamdoulilah im a muslim.:hijabi:!

i always wanted to talk with muslims all over the world..

soo.. where are you from,....?


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Welcome to the TTI family dear sis =)
i hope u have an enjoyable an beneficial stay, Inshallah.
Enjoy ur stay, lookin 4ward 2 ur posts! =)
by the way =) I 'm from Turkey =)​


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I'm also from Belgium, nice to meet you.
I can assure u that TTI is a warm community and everyone is here to help eachother. Enjoy your stay !


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welcome to this site sister , may allah give all of us the wisdom to teach and learn from each other ameen , by the way im from india :)


Always Alhamdulilah
salam alikom wr. wb.

welcome dear sister <3

this is just a grest site :) enjoy-

// nermin from denmark


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wa alikoum salam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

welcome sister Hafida o TTI
hope you enjoy your stay here and you find what you're looking for ;)
i'm from Morocco
salam Alikom