salafi way of praying salah

:salam2: everyone :salah: hmmm . Well forget about what the 4 imam said and fight who is right. Follow the sunnah and u wont go wrong. I dont say the imams are wrong but each gave there opinion based on the hadith they read. Like Imam Abu haneefa said you cant combine prayers when you are travelling but then we know that there are hadith that say you can do it. But that does not mean Imam abu haneefa is wrong. In those days he did not have all the hadiths in his hand so he gave his opinion based on what he had. And so the other 3 imams opinion differed from his.So guys stop fighting about all this. Read the hadith about praying, read all the 4 imams opinion. And based on that do the one you feel is correct. I know some bosnians who dont want to come to the masjid for taraweeh and are having a gathering in there house cause the imam does not follow the hanafi way of doing witr.Well if you pray 2+1 or 3 all together both are correct. But no they wont come cause the imam is praying in the saudi way. lollllll. I know some friends they say oh imam haneefa said this period. It is like his opinion matters the most. Even if you show them hadith proving that the other way is also correct they say man abu hanifa said it so that is it. So i feel imam abu hanifa for them is above what the prophet taught us. So guys lets not argue over such matters. What is most important in salah is how you recite the surahs and how much concentration you put in your salah.


:salam2: everyone :salah: hmmm . Well forget about what the 4 imam said. .

Lets listen to what 'Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhaab( the so called the founder of wahabism) has to say regarding mazhab

Regarding following the madhaahib:
And in the furoo' (branches) of the religion we are upon the madhhab of Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and we do not object to whoever follows one of the four imaams, as opposed to other than them whose madhaahib have not been clarified.
The Raafidhah, Zaydiyyah, Imaamiyyah and the likes of them: we do not accept from them anything from their corrupt madhaahib, rather we require that they follow one of the four imaams.
And we do not deserve the level of al-ijtihaad al-mutlaq (absolute ijtihaad), and none among us claims it. However, in some matters, if we find an authentic nass (text) from the Book or the Sunnah that is not abrogated or specified or contradicted by a stronger evidence, and one of the four imaams says according to it, then we take it and leave the saying of the madhhab, such as the matter of the inheritance of the grandfather and the brothers, for we put the grandfather first in the inheritance, even though the madhhab of the Hanaabilah says otherwise.

May Allah raise the status of the 4 imams . There are the salafus salih, nonetheless they are not maksoom, they are humans but they are very close to the prophet SAW time , they learn from the sahabas, tabi'in who learn from the prophet SAW.