Salam I have Asperger's Syndrome so I still have to have it worked out with the state on if I can dr


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Salam I have Asperger's Syndrome so I still have to have it worked out with the state on if I can drive a car or not. My question is I have been going to the Masjid but I have had people drive me my question is if I can't drive for whatever reason could I still be a Muslim ? What I mean is I still want to go to a Masjid I could take a Taxi/Cab/Call a Cab Company thank you for replying.


Assalaam alaikum,


One of the millions of beauties of our faith is the fact that Allah subhana wa taala knows our intentions. Your intention is good. InshaAllah, May Allah ease your situation. And think of the reward that the drivers will receive for taking you to the masjid.

Now, I ain't no scholar..but, I have read a whole lot and I have never read anything about driving being a prerequisite for being a Believer. After directing traffic at a masjid after jumma I have decided most Muslims should not be able to drive..and do not get me started on women in niqqab with a cell phone in a SUV.


wa alaykum as salam

Allah guides whomever He wills, subhan Allah
as far as i know, if you are listening to Adhaan (without using loudspeakers) of the mosque from your home, and you are able, you have to pray in jama'ah
otherwise it is not mandatory, based on the hadeeth of the blind man asking for the obligation of attending jama'ah , rasul Allah asked whether he can hear the adhaan or not? he replied yes. The rasul Allah salal Allahu alayhi sallam said: I dont see any reason not to attend the salah (not the exact wording of the hadeeth)

and also, abandoning any prayer without any reason makes one kafir, according Imam ahmad ibn hambal only, of the 4 Imams of the 4 schools of thoughts.

hope insha Allah it helps you

and if I am wrong please any brother or sister make me correct.
may Allah forgive me for my mistakes.

everything good is from Allah, and everything bad and incorrect is from my ignorance.

barakAllahu feek
wa alaykum salam