allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
i have to say u r all so wonderful to me.when i registered to this website i didnt think i would find such nice people.from day 1 when i became muslim i encountered realy nice people and they helped me realize that this is right decision and im not regreting it

thats really very,very good to hear, we all are very proud to see our another sister who is proud to be a muslimah....and sister, if any difficulties come to you ,your sister,your brothers and your freinds, then we all are there for you.. and sister, try to remove your parents from the darkness, try to convert them...plz try your level best ,try ,try and try and keep trying ..allah will reward very much (inshallah)...t.c.:blackhijab:


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Allah(s.b.u.t) has given you and your siblings a wonderful gift (taqwaa).
hope you would always make good use of it. Inshaallah.

One lil piece of advice from a fellow sister who grew in a non-islamic society.
My granma told me this.
what makes a person do good/bad is dependant on three things
place, people, instigation (this actually rhymes in my mother tougue language:hijabi:)
Inshaallah, choose them wisely and ask Allah (s.b.u.t) to always show you the right path.

take care, little sister.
InshaAllah, convey my salaam to your reverted siblings and frens.
(you would be saying "so n so told me to convey their salaam and their reply would be "wa alaika alaihis salaam"-:SMILY335:)


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im amazed by your story, its truly amazing, subhanAllah. welcome to Islam, and welcme to TTI. may Allah reward, protect and bless you and those who converted with you. take care sis :D.


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jennyUK said:
salam alaikum
Jenny from London UK 13 and i converted to islam about 6 months ago with my little sister,brother and 2 of my best friends.looking to meet new friends (muslims or converts) and have fun,pray together etc.we r very devouted,we wear hijabs and everything,pray 5 times a day.nobody in my family except me my sis and my brother r muslims but we have our moms support.
hope to meet someone here
Assalamu'alaikum dearest my sweeet little sister!!!
Congratulation, you've found the Thruth, insha-Allah everything is okay, Allah will give you protection from Shaythan, and don't forget to make Prayer in everytime and everywhere. Protect your brother/sister and make kindness to all!