secretmedical clinics


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in syria they have secret medical clincis ..because none can reach a doctor or hospital

these clinics are often destroyed doctors killed...pharmacies are looted medicines destroyed

one million people are in need of humanitarian aid aid

no aid is aloowed in

one brave brother is risking his life to carry aid by donkey across the moutnains...already two of his companions have benn shot dead..and he has serious injuries but struggles on

he will not give up


hot oil is iused to stop bleeding as no treatmentis available

i appeal to you as human beings as muslims and as my brothers and sisters at TTI

please help donate what u can ..every little helps

sister herb

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May Allah protect those whose are ready to sacrify they time and even they life for helping innocent people.



revert of many years
wow ///one hundred views and one reply...and this from the one person who is always zlready working selflessy for human rights

why is everyone so quiet

DOES NOONE CARE???????????????????????????????????????????:tti_sister:

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Of course we care. I am surprised, though, that they wont allow medicines sans frontieres, at least, or the red crescent. But the borders are closed.....

It is a tragedy that is rendered even more tragic by the fact that (a) ordinary people like myself are helpless and (b) the rest of the world is sitting idly by. Saudi won't touch the situation because they hate Assad and they hate Iran. Rich western countries are scared of causing a military upset in the region. The whole UN monitoring thing is a joke.