Sette deviate..Naudhubillah!

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condivido con voi queste poche ma importanti righe. Dato che ultimamente ho avuto a che fare con molti "deviati" astaghfirullah! Per "deviati" intendo coloro che non seguono la Sunnah del Profeta :saw: con tutto il cuore. Ma alhamdulillah, sto imparando molto. Allahu a'alam perchè ho vissuto tutto cio'.

Pero' il testo è solo in inglese... sorry :(

IMPORTANT : Here Are Some Deviant Sects

These Sects Have Deviated From Pure Islaam The True Quraan And Sunnah The Real Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah

The Raafidah: They are the ones who go to the extremes with regard to the members of the household (Ahulul Bait). They declare the Companions that opposed them as being disbelievers or they accuse them of evil (Fisq). They divided into many sects, among which are extremists, who claim that Alee is god, and among which are other than them. Their innovation first appeared during the Khilaafah of Alee Ibn Abee Taalib when Abdullaah Ibn Saba' Said to him:" You are God." Due to this 'Alee commanded that they be set on fire. However, their leader, 'Abdullah Ibn Saba', escaped to another city.

They hold Various views on the Attributes of Allaah, so among them are those that perform tashbeeh, those who perform ta'teel and those who are in comformity (the the correct view on the Attributes of Allaah). They are called Raafidah because they rejected (rafd) Zayd Ibn 'Alee Ibn Al- Husayn Ibn 'Alee Ibn Abee Taalib, when they asked him about Abu Bakr and 'Umar (Radiya Allahu 'An Huma) and he responded saying "Rahimahullah" for both of them.

So they rejected him and distanced themselves from him. And they named themselves Shee'ah because of their claim and notion that they are taking sides (tashayu') with Ahlul Bait and they support them and that they are reclaiming their right to Imamate.

The Jahmiyyah: They attribute themselves to Al Jahm Ibn Safwaan who was killed by Saalim or Salim Ibn Ahwaz in the year 121H. Their views on the Attributes of Allaah consist of ta'teel (denial) and nafee (negation). Regarding Al-Qadar (Divine Pre-Decree), they hold the opinion that mankind us coerced to do deeds (al-jabr).

Their views on Eemaan is that of irjaa, which means that they believe Eemaan is merely the confirmation of the heart, and that statements and actions are not part of Eemaan. So according to them, someone who commits a major sin is a believer with complete Eemaan ( i.e Eemaan Does not increase or decrease). So they are Mu'atazilah, Jabariyyah and Murji'ah all in one they are divided into many sects.

The Khawaarij: They are the ones who set out to kill Alee Ibn Abee Taalib (Radiya Allahu Anhu) do to his leadership. their methodology consists of absolving themselves from Uthmaan and 'Alee (Radiya Allahu Anhuma), setting out against the Imaam if he opposes the Sunnah and declaring disbelief on those who commit a major sin. They believe that this type of person will remain in the Hellfire forever. They are divided into numerous groups.

The Qadariyyah: Their methodology consists negating Al-Qadar from the actions of the servant and that his desire and ability are independent from the Desire and Ability of Allaah. The first to manifest this view openly was Mabad ibn al-Juhanee, in the last part of the era of the Sahaabah. He learned it from a Majoosee man from Al -Basrah.

They are divided into two groups, one is extreme and one that is not extreme. The extremist group rejects the Attributes of Knowledge, Desire, Ability and Creating from Allaah in favor of the actions of the servant. However, they reject its occurring by His Desire, Ability and Creating. This is what their belief is founded upon.

The Murji'ah: They believe that actions are deferred from Eemaan. Thus actions, according to them, are not part of it. Eemaan Is simply the complying of the heart. So the sinner, according to them, is a believer with complete Eemaan, even if he does what what he does from the disobedient acts or he abandons what he abandons from the obedient acts. And if we ruled that someone who abandons one of the commandments of the Religion is a disbeliever, then that would be due to the lack of his heart complying not due to his abandonment of that deed. These are the views of Jahmiyyah. And it, along in comparison with the views of the Khawaarij, are the two opposite extremities.

The Mu'tazilah: They are the followers of Waasil Ibn Ataa', Who withdrew from the gathering of Al-Hasan Al- Basree. He determined that the sinner is a level between two levels. Thus, he is neither a believer nor a disbeliever, yet he will reside eternally in the Hellfire. 'Amr Ibn 'Ubayd followed him in that and their views concering the Attributes of Allaah are based on ta'teel, like the Jahmiyyah, and concerning Al-Qadar, like that of the Qadriyyah.

They reject the relation of the Qadaa Wa Al-Qadar of Allaah to the actions of the servant. in regards to the one who commits a major sin, they hold that he will remain in the Hellfire forever and that he is extracted from the fold of Eemaan into the level between to levels of belief and disbelief. So they oppose the views of the Jahmiyyahin regards to these two principles.

The Karaamiyyah: They are the followers of Muhammad Ibn Karaam, who died in 225H. They incline towards tashbeeh and hold the belief of Irjaa. They are further divided into numerous groups.

The Saalimah: They are the followers of man who was called Ibn Saalim. Their views consist of tashbeeh.

The Ash'ariyah: They are the followers of Abu Hasan Al-Ash'ari, who was Mu'tazili. Then he left E'tizaal and adopted a way between E'tizaal and Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. In his last age, he returned to the creed Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah and followed Imaam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal in his theories. But some of his followers still remain on the previous belief. They amplify the Attributes of Allaah and have belief similar to Al-Murji'ah. They are closest to Ahlus Sunnah among all astrayed sects.

Al-Hulooliyah: Are those who believe that Allaah is in everything and is everywhere and vice versa

An-Nawasib: They are the people who have enmity with Ahlul Bait, (Family of the Prophet Sala Allahu Alaihi wa sallam) and slander them and consider them disbelievers. They are the opponents of the Rawafid.

Al-Kullabiyah: They are the followers of Abdullah Ibn Sayeed Ibn Kullab. They believed that Attributes of Allaah are not for him, not for others. They say that Names of Allaah are that same as His Attributes. They do not differ between Attributes of Actions of Allaah.

The Mashabbiha: They are also called Al- Mujassimah They are the opponents of the Al-Jahmiyyah in affirmation of Names and Attributes of Allaah. They believe that Allaah possessed hand similar to the hand of creatures, Hearing as the hearing of creatures, sight as the sight of creatures etc. Exalted is Allaah from that which the wrongdoers say about Him. He is High and Great.

Al-Wa'eediyah: They are the same as Qadariyyah in the implementation of Wa'eed. They believe that if a person committing the major sin, dies without repentance, he will be in the Hellfire forever. The reason for that is that Allaah has promised the sinners to Hell and Doom And He never breaks His Promise.

Al Jabariyah: They are Al Jahmiyah And all those people who follow them. Their belief is that slaves (worshippers of Allaah) have no will power to do good deeds and avoid bad. They enforced to do all. Therefore, they are opponents of Al-Qadariyah

Soofism: A mystical belief that has its influence from paganism. The soofees have introduced many acts of shirk into the Muslim Ummah such as taking the graves as places of worship, praying to 'saints', taking others as intercessors with Allaah and many other astray innovations. They Also Claim to be Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah which is not true.

Fratelli & Sorelle, cerchiamo di non sottovalutare nemmeno il piu' piccolo aspetto della Sunnah!
E, quando in dubbio, ricordiamo: Il Profeta :saw: faceva cosi'?
Meglio seguire cio' su cui non si hanno dubbi!! :inshallah:

:jazaak: per averlo postato, che Allah ti protegga e te ne renda merito!

Che Allah ci guidi nella Via del Corano e della Sunnah così come l'hanno capito i Sahaba e gli Ulama di questa Ummah!

Guidaci sulla retta via,
la via di coloro che hai colmato di grazia , non di coloro che [sono incorsi] nella [Tua] ira , né degli sviati. (1 : 6,7)



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JazakiAllahu khayran sorella per averci ricordato , con quest'articolo , i pericoli delle deviazioni , e le sue forme.
Purtroppo è vero , e via web è molto più facile sbattere il muso contro di esse.


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