Shankaracharya On Islam


Seek Truth, Be Happy


Here is translation

When we receive blessing from God Almighty, only then we get chance to understand the truth of the religon.

I have been attending meetings and meeting muslims from many years. And i started this new practice in india i.e. Jagatguru (he calling himslef with this title) was able to go amoung them and understand their love and truthfulness of Islam and that the fact that Islam provides the world richest lesson for humanity.

When people tell Islam "inhuman", Muslim "inhuman" and tell that Islam works and spread only by the power of sword, and due to this if someone gets sad on whole of the earth, it is me who gets the maximum pain.

The Islam whose foremost Kalima says "There is no one worthy to worship but God Almighty and Mohammed his messenger", so tell me...Mohammed sahab presented this kalima which in accence is extract/summary of Vedas and he demonstrated his love for almighty by worshiping him and conveyed the whole message of God Almighty just in one which scripture can be as great as Quran and its Kalima is?

If a hindu, after reading this kalima, wish to practise his religion accordingly, then there will be no higher religious person like him. I have not experienced the Quran in deep depths but i gone in the depth of hearts of those who follow the Quran and i found that if all the world accept Islam there is nothing bad in it. Islam is a principle conveyed by God Almighty and not a man made rule / principle.

Some people on this earth call muslims as "inhuman" to cause divisions in society. They call Islam bad.... but i must tell you that those who says this are themselves worst people and are son of shaitan and not the son of God. I say this because i have read Vedas, Quran and Shastras and othe hindu scriptures and after that we have started going amoung muslims. When we shook hand with muslims, we were following words "How is this shankracharya? He shooks hand with people who eat the egg (i.e. non-veg) !!"

I told them why dont you understand, they worship five times a day to almighty...and even you eat grass but you dont worship God even single time a who could be more non-religious person than you?!!!

So, better you appraise your non-religious nature and know that to oppose the sanity of someone religious principles is firstmost non-religious step.

What you eat, how you live, if you dont trouble us or make us unhappy than there is no taller human than you in the world. And we eat grass and gives pain to your heart than there is no taller non-religious person than us on earth.

What i mean to say that i have experienced that ....what true love i gets from you muslims is amazing...and people ask me why do you go amoung are shankaracharya!!...I tells them why do they love us so those who loves us ..we will go to meet them ...then they also ask "dont we hindu love you?" I replied..I am born amoung you hindus..and you dont love muslims so i dont love you as well...

Being present here with you, I want to tell you something, that there are some organizations that in the name of hindu religon are trying to make divisions amoung hindu and muslims and do such crooked things that a common hindu..a simple innocent not able to see what is true nature Islam..and what is sanatan dharma. There is no difference between sanatan dharma and Islam. At the same time there is no true religion called "hindu religion". Sanatan dharm is the religion and perhaps the sanskrit word "sanatan" which if translated will closely mean same as what Islam mean.

There is no difference between sanatan and Islam becuase God Almighty is one and he is for all and this message was given by Rishi/muneez (ancient messengers) and this is the same message given by Mohammed sahab.... so why should we have to create divisions amoung us.

I am telling one thing clearly that If Indian Muslims slept whole of India will fall asleep. So if you want to awake India, muslims must keep themsleves awake. If inida is able to awakes, whole world will awake..and i also know that the true hindus (real santan dharmi) needs love from muslims and not division from them.

I have got this copy of Quran (holdiong in his hand)....I wish that if in whole world this scripture is made available to all ..and it should certainly be made available...I will urge muslims one thing that whoever may live in your neighbour and whatever language he knows..try to provide him a copy of this noble Quran in his language. And I belive that if this Quran reach whole world there will be peace in all the world..and i will also have the chance to attent such nice gathering around the world.

You also have to become bold and stop hesitation, i know that somtimes in hesitation and sometimes due to other wrong plans of communal forces in this country we are unable to meet like this more often. We are standing before you with my arms open (to receive), we are meeting neck to neck, we will meet heart as well. And if required,to protect Islam, i, the shankaracharya is ready to give his heart and head.

I say this becuase i - the shankaracharya know that Islam is not a deception, and not a way to distruction. And I know what is written in Veda is also written in Quran. So we know that with the growth of Islam our belief will not get lesser but grow..and this thing can only occur if we consider muslims as our brothers.

Hindus must know that muslims are also creation of God Almighty, the same way they themsleves are created by Almighty. So I urge hindus to stop discriminating muslims and love all humans following my example.


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Turn To Islam

I just wanted to say thank you brothers for taking the time and effort to translate this for us to read in English.

Its good to know that we get a thumbs up from our Hindu friend. Maybe when he reads the Quran Allah will guide him to the truth Inshallah.