Shattered world


I'm not what you believe
I think that time is running too much,don't you agree?
I've many things to do,but the sun sets
like if it was tired to enlight the universe.
The chaos around the world seems everlasting
and while on one side of it an earthquake destroys thousands of lives,
on the other one,storms and hot weather hit the earth
as for purifying it from all this dirtiness.
I have no place to where I can seek refuge,
except into my heart,where Allah assures me with His tenderness.
I wish to leave all this mess behind me,
I feel something is going to happen sooner or later,
I don't know what's better,
I leave all this into the hands of Allah
and keep my soul safe from the pain of this shattered world.


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Asalam Alaikom
Wow sis I wanted to go back to writing my poetry even though its been a couple of years but it really helps expressing oneself and blowing off some steam. May Allah bless you this has been a kind of mini-inspiration Alhamdullilah for me I will show you mine when im done I have different kind of poetry style which is more fast-paced. I might actually have some on TTI still if it has been kept.
Peace :)