Should Muslims Apologise for Terrorism?


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Should Muslims be Apologising for Terrorism?
NO, because Islam and Muslim people have nothing to do with Terrorism...

Victims of State Terrorism. The Terrorism that Never Gets any Attention. Stop All Injustices Now!

There are calls from some quarters demanding Muslims apologise for 9/11 or the July 7 bombings. Why should over a billion people share responsibility for the actions of a dozen or so people? Why is there a blind eye to the human rights abuses Muslims face on a day to day basis? The hypocrisy, callousness and cold hearted approach of the enemies of Islam is at an unbelievable level.

Muslims do NOT need to apologise. Islam has done absolutely nothing wrong, nor have any of the Muslims around the world. The incorrect and criminal actions of a person belong to that person, not to any race, religion, country or town!

Muslims have totally condemned this crime. Infact, a person merely has to spend less than a minute looking into the Core sources of Islam to see that these actions are abhorrent and totally forbidden in Islam. -

Lets just put some things into perspective!


Killing civillians is wrong, whoever does it is a criminal, a murderer.

There are many groups who do such things throughout the world. They do not get the media exposure that small groups of Muslim extremists might.

For example, did you know that between 1969-2001 over 3000 people were killed in Ireland as a result of bombings and other violent acts between Catholics and Protestants? or that on October 2nd, 2004 A Christian terrorist group killed 44 Hindus, and wounded 118 in Northeast India?
Or the Christian Phalangist militia in Lebanon which massacred thousands of innoccent Palestinians? Why are Christians not expected to apologise daily for these crimes?

THere are also numerous Hindu, Sikh, Secular, Atheist, Nationalist movements all which take part in terrorism. The list is endless.

For over hundreds of years Muslims in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia have been invaded, colonised by Europeans (such as the British and the French) and have seen their economies and natural resources squandered and floundered. Whilst peasants were facing starvation in India, the British were making farmers grow tea for their folk back home.

Whilst the Iraqis, who were occupied by the British in the 1920s revolted and wished to have their land and pride back, the British who wished to control Iraqi oil simply used poison gas against the Iraqi and Kurdish civillians.

There is the long and continuing history of Palestine. Where thousands of innocent men, women and children have been forcefully evicted from their homes and who suffer daily abuse at the hands of the racist zionist bully which calls itself "Israel", which not only has UN resolutions against it vetoed by the US, but is also supplied with billions of dollars of weaponry and financial aid.

And of course, the invasion of Iraq was another recent vile entry into the record books of State terrorism. Since when could a sovereign country be invaded in order to "free" its people at the cost of 200,000 lives? Lets not kid around, it was everything to do with Oil, Reconstruction contracts, Weapons contracts, Strategic dealing, appeasing of Israel and the racist Christian/Jewish Zionist fundamentalism.

All this at the cost of 100,000s of Iraqi lives. People who never wanted this invasion. And also thousands of American lives, the latter who happened to have been from the poorest and most deprived families in the US.

Believe in Bush, Blair and Putin? They think we are fools. Human rights, freedom, democracy, all these words are constantly used in our media and in their speaches, but it all means absolutely nothing to them! Its all a con, a lie, a veil of deceit on the most grandiose scale to make them the epitome of evil men and scoundrels. They learnt much from Goebbels, Hitler's chief spin and propoganda master.

They have lied to people about their wars, they support phone tapping, Torture against detainees, No Fair trials, reduced privacy, discrimination/racial profiling, supply states with bad human rights records, support war criminals, train people in use of torture.. and so on........ they have even cheated in elections!

We are forced to feel great compassion and sympathy at ALL times for those who died in 9/11.Yet, this year marked the 10th anniversary of the day when in Srebrenica, 8,000 Muslim men and boys were shot to death in cold blood over 24 hours by Christian forces right under the eyes of Dutch UN troops. There was not a word or a whisper heard at that time by anyone. Muslim blood is cheap.

September 11 is also the anniversary of the CIA backed coup in Chile, which put into power the most bloody, criminal and horrifying dictators the world has ever seen. General Pinochet. A man, whose blood soaked hands will forever stain the white walls of the White house. The CIA backed the assasination of Pinochet's opponents and also trained people in the use of torture techniques

Let us remember the victims of death squads in El Salvador and Haiti, the victims of massacres in Guatemala, the victims of paramilitary and guerrilla violence in Colombia, the victims of rightwing and military violence in Chiapas, the victims of the military dictatorships in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay. Each one of these deaths was devastating to the family and community left behind..

Let us remember the victims of All State Terrorism, which far outweighs anything that a few lone deranged, angered, fanatics may do.

Corrupt, ill thought out foreign policy is behind much of the anger and frustration in this world. Much of today's US foreign policy is aimed at filling the pockets of a select few with dollar notes and promoting fundamentalist Christianity.

We want peace, we need peace, the way forward for all humanity is to realise that all forms of violence and oppression must be stopped. This includes the biggest conveyors of violence, the State terrorists. Therefore the only people who should apologise and pay for their crimes, are those who are responsible for the death and destruction. Yes, this includes any person who calls themself a Muslim and who does such a wrong action.

But, the real justice would be to mention the other terrorists, war criminals, and state terorists who are responsible for killing 100,000s of innocent men women and children and who have a dark and evil history full of murder. The biggest terrorists are not sitting in caves, but those who sit in large oval shaped offices and make decisions based on greedy monetary gain, which cost the lives of helpless people all over the world.

Have a heart and oppose all injustice, stop blaming Muslims and look at things objectively and not just what the biased news tells you.

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