Video Sister Crystal Talks about her life Before and After Islam

qalvin salem

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You have chosen the right path

Assalamo alaikom sister crystal,

Alhamdulillah, Allah has guided you and you should be more greatful to Him. Not all people has the chance of guidance from Allah. Despite all the bad imputations of Islam, you havee been able to accept the Light from Almighty Allah. May Allah protects you from the whispers of shaitan (devil), who keeps whispering on us.


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Congratulation to sister for making hereself elegible for Jannat (paradise) by accepting Islam and following islamic rules. May Allah guide all the old muslim ladies to follow islam like the sister.



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not every disbeliever can get guidance like her. mashallah. allah has guided her to the right path. saying: whoever allah guides, none can misguide and whoever allah misguides, none can guide.


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:ma::ma:,great great video u know i also fully covered myself and that is how a proper muslim women should be,and people who say that just wearing scarf is enough they really should go ta a alim(a genuine scholar) or mufti to ask about it,anyways sister keep it up.......:blackhijab::blackhijab:


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Masha Allah!!!! Se lo recomiendo ver a todo el mundo.
Insha Allah pronto mi shahada. Allahu akbar.


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Takbeer- Allahu Akbar...Masha'allah! May Allah SWT guide us all insha'allah!
Welcome to Islam sister Chrystal..