Six Rights of A Muslim.

Abu Fauzi

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Assalam alaikum,
The Noble Prophet, may Allah bless and grant him peace, was reported to have said:--

" A Muslim has 6 Rights over another Muslim: They [his companions]
asked: What are they, O Messenger of Allah? He said:

When you meet him, greet him with peace.
When he invites you, accept his invitation.
When he seeks your advice, advise him.
When he sneezes and then praises Allah, invoke Allah's Blessings upon him.
When he falls ill, visit him.
When he dies, follow his funeral." [Sahih Muslim-2162]

We should mind these Rights...observe them amongst us, Muslim Brothers and Sisters accordingly.
Many Regards.

Wanryoku Sugoi

Need to find my Muslim Queen <3
Masha Allah. I always try to accept invitations, even non-muslims, because I like to hang out for the sake of Allah and because I'm a social person.