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As you see, I'm Christian but my conceptions about life and surrounding world are similar with Islam, I mean I want world peace, I like to love each human, regardless of his skin colour, nationality and I like to obey to God. But I want to ask you something:
1. Many people say that Muhammad was pedophile and criminal and they also say that it isn't good to be muslim because you believe that Muhammad was a good person, as like Jesus. Is it true?
2. If Islam is the true religion, why the Holy Quran appeared before the Holy Bible?
3. It's true that muslims are praying to the moon?Many people say that Allah is God of moon because Islam's logo
4. Why does in the Bible say that arabs will convert to Christianity(Orthodox Coptic Church) and this thing was accomplished?

I hope these questions wouldn't mind you, I wantto know the truth. Thank you!


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I like to tell that Muhammad salla Allah alaihi wa sallam was the most noble descent human that ever walked on earth. He was most noble in his character , with the most pure heart , Allah ( the one true God , the creator of all ) has sent his angel Jabreel to Muhammad salla Allah alaihi wa sallam to tell his final message to humanity :Islam . Quran which is the words of Allah was taught to Muhammad salla Allah alaihi wa sallam and he taught his companions . At that time the perfect way of life was set for humanity which Leeds to all that is noble , perfect, pure and decent. All those who seek truth will find it in it's perfect clear form in his message ( Quran and Sunna). We all will die and then will be asked for what we have done on earth . Following the noble kind true prophet of Allah will make us safe and happy in this life and after death. Now humanity is suffering and the cure is in the message of Islam which lift souls and clean hearts. Please read about Islam from correct sources.


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The Quran was sent after the bible confirming all the truth in the bible.

We have nothing to do with moon : it is a beautiful creature of Allah , it is a sign of Allah no more.

We pray to the one who created us and all.

May Allah show us all the truth and put light and knowledge in our hearts.

Good luck


He is Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram

most of your questions are related to what people say, what Bible says, or what rumors say...
To know islam, one has to read, read, read. Prophet,s Muhammad,s biography, translation and explanation of Quran (I was first amazed by Quran by reading the scientific miracles in It,

Listen to great people like Nouman Ali Khan for example.
Muslims dont pray to the Moon and dont pray to Prophet Muhammad like I also heard before knowing better. They pray to a single God.
Jesus is seen as a Prophet of God, Muhammad is seen as Prophet of God. There is a long chain of Prophets and there is one God and Creator. Is, alhamdulillah, no confusion.
the advice to read is of much importance in Quran.
,,Prophet Muhammad was in solitude in the cave on Mount Hira. He was startled by the Angel of Revelation, Gabriel, the same who had come to Mary, the mother of Jesus, who seized him in a close embrace. A single word of command burst upon him: ‘Iqra’ - ‘Read!’ He said: ‘I am not able to read!’ but the command was issued twice more, each with the same response from the Prophet. Finally, he was grasped with overwhelming force by the angel. Gabriel released him, and the first ‘recitation’ of the Quran was revealed to him:

“Read in the name of your Lord who created -created man from a clot. Read: for your Lord is Most Bountiful, who teaches by the pen, teaches man that which he knew not.” (Quran 96:1-5),,



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many of your questions have already been answered by the good people above may Allah reward them

3. It's true that muslims are praying to the moon?Many people say that Allah is God of moon because Islam's logo

No, it is not true becouse according to the authentic sources of Islam and the one which is directly from God (Allah) which is the Qur'an states:

"And from among His (Allah's) signs are the night and the day, and the Sun and the moon. Prostrate not to the sun nor to the moon. But prostrate to Allah who created them if you are to worship Him."

muslims Worship Allah and have a complete monotheistic belief free from pagan infiltration but still some Christian missionaries chose to associate Islam with paganism in order to win more crowds. They reason that Allah is rooted to an ancient arabic word Ilah for moon god and that since muslims annually visit Makkah as did the ancient Arabs they are no good than pagans and they base their claims on the works of a christian apologist and pastor called Robert Morey who deceitfully persisted that Muslims worship a moon god same as the ancient arabs. He bases his claims on archaeological misinterpretations.

Please visit where his claims are put to bed beyond any doubt!

Another Christian missionary by the name Rick Brown refutes his colleague by saying:
Those who claim that Allah is a pagan deity, most notably the moon god, often base their claims on the fact that a symbol of the crescent moon adorns the tops of many mosques and is widely used as a symbol of Islam. It is in fact true that before the coming of Islam many "gods" and idols were worshipped in the Middle East, but the name of the moon god was Sîn, not Allah, and he was not particularly popular in Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. The most prominent idol in Mecca was a god called Hubal, and there is no proof that he was a moon god. It is sometimes claimed that there is a temple to the moon god at Hazor in Palestine. This is based on a representation there of a supplicant wearing a crescent-like pendant. It is not clear, however, that the pendant symbolizes a moon god, and in any case this is not an Arab religious site but an ancient Canaanite site, which was destroyed by Joshua in about 1250 BC. There is also an ancient temple in the ruins of the kingdom of Sheba (Saba), in Yemen, and it includes inscriptions to the kingdom's patron god Almaqah. It has been claimed that Almaqah was a moon god, but there is no solid evidence for this, and scholars now think Almaqah was a sun god. If the ancient Arabs worshipped hundreds of idols, then no doubt the moon god Sîn was included, for even the Hebrews were prone to worship the sun and the moon and the stars, but there is no clear evidence that moon-worship was prominent among the Arabs in any way or that the crescent was used as the symbol of a moon god, and Allah was certainly not the moon god's name.

Out of 360 idols in the Kaabah, the most famous was hubal not ilah.
The word Allah is even found in the Bible referring to God Almighty.

But assuming that despite the fact that there is no evidence from the Islamic authentic sources or any factual proof (from any other source for that matter)that muslims worship a moon god you still insist that the religion brought by Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) is that of pagan origin then how come that he disputed, fought and parted ways with his loving close relatives becouse they were idolaters? why did he need to fight and destroy the idols which his own uncles worshipped if he was preaching their same ancestral pagan belief?

The claim that muslims are essentially pagans has no basis and is not even a matter subject to a debate!

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I would like to address one point; the issue of pedophilia.

If we set aside the specific circumstances of the Prophet Muhammad's marriage to Aisha, we can come to an understanding of the age of consent at different periods in history.

Firstly, are we judging Prophet Muhammad the same as everyone else when it comes to marriage to a girl as yong as Aisha or is he singled out by those who speak against him for a particular purpose. Those who choose to make his marriage to Aisha an issue, have they or do they do so with other men of the same or different times in world history. If he is the only man spoken of in this light, then it is a political move and not motovated by social concern.

Second; the age of consent is neither universal nor set in stone both from the past the present and even the future. Who sets the standard for the correct age of consent for both boys and girls. Where one society applies and codifies a certain age for marital cohabitation, is it just, moral and right to label one or more members of such a civilisation as pedophile by another if the age of consent between them differs widely.

In this sense if that is applicable then all men who British men who married girls younger than sixteen in the nineteenth century were pedophiles. That was quite common at the time. In the same way the Church priests of England as late as the nineteenth century were all guilty of allowing thosands of British men to marry girls under the age of ten as well.

Finally, if a person is only meant to be known by their marriage to a young girl then how many of the same people who condemn the Prophet willing to only speak of the same issue alone to describe the life and career of some British monarchs in history. King Henry II, a thirteenth century monarch, married a twelve year old girl, yet few chroniclers concentrate on his familiy life alone to judge him. There are others I won't mention at this time but the point is where do you draw the line.

In the same manner, several Church fathers can be deemed pedophiles by the same merit for their marriages to young girls as well. Augustine for example, seen as on of the greatest Christians in history married a ten year old girl. Theoretically according to the principle used to judge and condemn the Prophet, Augustine is a pedophile. If he isn't then neither can the Prophet be judged as harshly either.

Abu Juwairiya

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You can also add the subject of 'legality', 'maturity' and 'responsible parenthood' to the list.

By 'legality' we can see that some things were not illegal or punishable by law as late as the early twentieth century, in which case the state, not just the people involved are guilty. In 1908 for example it was perfectly legal for British fathers have incestuous relationships with their own biological daughters as long as the girls were 13 or younger. The law was in place for girls 14 or older at the time. In the UK it was seen as perfectly legitimate for fathers to molest their daughters as long as it was behind closed doors.

In respect to 'maturity', there is a difference in when someone is judged to be sufficiently wise, intelligent enough or able to make decisions and be an accepted member of the adult community across the various communities both across the globe and even within the same nation for different scenarios and legal contexts.

In the UK for example the age of consent is 16 but 10 is the legal age for arrest and incarceration for crimes committed, so a person is responsible enough to go to prison at 10 but not old enough to have relations. In Japan the age of consent is 13, does that imply that the Japanese are a nation of child molesters since it falls under the acceptable age of sexual relations for many western nations.

Finally in the context of 'responsible parenthood', it was not until the nineteenth century that European royal families stopped marriages involving girls who would today be declared as 'minors' with their adult male offspring. In that situation the parents are just as guilty for the promotion of pedophilia as much as those who are involved personally.