Question: Sorry but does black magic affect objects?

Abu Juwairiya

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Assalammu Alaikum Sister. Have you read any of the books written about the Jinn by those qualified to speak about them, meaning the scholars such as Ibn Taymiyyah. While your question is specific and I personally do not know the answer, I think it might be a good idea if you were to find out for yourself through deduction from what is available and known about the Jinn in general.

The books that I am referring to are from what I am aware, non copyright, written hundreds of years ago and contain all or most of what is necessary for us to know that will benefit us about the nature of the Jinn, their characteristics, abilities, physical features and attributes, qualities and dispositions.

I have some of the books mentioned in my possession in PDF form and can pass them on to you. You may not necessarily find what you are looking for, perhaps you have even read them and regard them as insignificant in respect to what you are looking for, but then again there may be something you could have missed, may make more sense now than before and who knows you may even learn something or see an existing story or feature in a different perspective. Let me know if you are interested in the books and I can send them on to you. Otherwise I wish you well. Wasallam, Abu Juwairiya


Assalammu Alaikum Sister Aapa. PM me your email and I will send the books to you. They cannot be sent as attachments on this site because of size.
what is the name of these books?is it "jinn nations extraordinary history"?if it is not then can u pass this to me also?