Speak Up But Don’t Argue

Abu Talib

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A man once asked Imam Ahmad, ‘I sometimes find myself in a gathering where the Sunnah is mentioned, but no-one apart from me has more knowledge of it. Shall I speak up and say something?’

Imam Ahmad then said, ‘State what the Sunnah is, but do not argue over it.’

The man then repeated his statement and so Imam Ahmad said, ‘I only see you to be an argumentative man!’

And this is what Malik (rahimahullah) meant in his saying (after informing people of the Sunnah), ‘And if they don’t accept it from you, then be silent.’

Mu’tamir ibn Sulayman: ‘I heard my father say, ‘You can never get a man to listen to you when you have just angered him.’

- Al-Adab al-Shar'iyyah, by Ibn Muflih al-Maqdisi [pg. 307]

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May Allah reword you dear brother for sharing with us.

These advices are really very usefull mashallah.Speaking peacefully when explaning something, brings only good. May Allah help us to be like that. Amen Ya Rabby.



As salam 'alaykum warahamtu-llah

JazakAllah khair for sharing the advice

I really needed that, actually whenever I quote any hadeeth, it seems it is not acceptable for him that I ref/ quote a hadeeth, seems like who am I that I may quoted a hadeeth. for this type of situation and what u mentioned, i prefer to be silent further.

this matter is really about wisdom, to speak up and to establish the right words, for the establishment of haqq not our opinion, for that we really need deep knowledge and deep understanding

we have to study deen under knowledgeable scholars
may Allah give us tawfeeq

barakAllahu feekum


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jazakhAllah kheir for posting!

This should be inscribed in every single masjid.... I cannot see how brothers and sisters can get angry in a masjid when our Prophet (saw) has warned us about anger constantly!