Stories of the Prophets


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[imgleft][/imgleft] Stories of the Prophets is a book which contains the lives of Various Prophets of Islam, from Nuh (Noah) through to Yusuf (Joseph) and Isa (Jesus) peace be on them all. [FONT=arial, helvetica] This book presents the lives of Allah’s Major Prophets.[/FONT] These stories have been widely used as textbooks through out the Arab and Muslim world.

This translation, from the original Arabic, gives English-speaking Muslims access to Sayyed Abdul Hasan’s Islamic Scholarship. The stories are in the lively style and offer fresh knowledge, guidance and inspiration to both adults and children.

Stories of the Prophets are of particular value to schools. The stories are drawn from the Holy Qur’an and contain informative explanations, vivid descriptions and perceptive observations. An understanding of the Prophets’ missions is of special relevance today when Muslims are constantly struggling to stay on the right path.

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