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is it possible that a shiite would ever change and become sunni???

is it advisable to debate/discuss/argue with shiites about religion or better to avoid??

what about sunnis who have married shiites,is this viewed in the same way as women marrying christains


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Yes it is possible. There is an Arab channel on hotbird called "المستقلة" and it features programs of sunnis and shias debating on certain issues. Many people have called in, to express their thanks to the presenter, as because of the program, the shias were exposed, and many converted to the sunni sector alhamduliAllah.


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In Bahrain many shias are becoming sunnis.

In Saudi Arabia many shias are becoming sunnis. However, most shias here ( saudi arabia ) are becoming non-religious as in having no concern over their religion whatsoever. Though in qatif city of Saudi arabia there are strict shia ( but they are a minority ).

Also there are many channels i think about 6? That debates scholars made it haram to watch those channels.....which is not the case with sunni scholars

Though i dislike watching those channels as cursing the sahabah and the prophet wives really gets to me...


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Yes, many shias have and do become sunni after being guided.

Whether you can debate with them or not depends on your level of authentic knowledge and shia knowledge and the type of shia you are deal with. There are subsects with in shia so not all shia are the same.

Those sunnis that do marry shia often lack islamic knowledge. The knowledgeable among the sunni would not marry shia or people of the book, it is often the cultural ones that do and sadly they are in the majority these days.

Check out this good response from a sheikh on shia

thank you for your answers...............:hijabi: