*Sweet as Honey* getting married!!


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I'm happy mashallah!!! I'm focusing on my Deen and career inshallah. when the right one comes, I'll be ready inshallah!! :SMILY252: I can't wait to meet him inshallah! Awww hubby! :hearts:


Allahu Akubar!!!!!
well someday you have to tell your family right? why not sooner than later. And MashaAllaah you are so cool about it. And you sure he is a nice guy? Marry ASAP.

P.S. Wazup with TTI everyone's getting married MashaAllaah.

WasSalamu 'Alaykum
loll//kkkkkkkkkkk I know Right?????

Inshallah our sister sakeena I will be in my du'aa sorry I don know much abt this topic so can't give u better advice...


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May you find than a beauty and loving husband soon from the Dua's what sisters and brothers are making for you and the blessing from ALLAH fall upon you. AMEN.

I love you for the sake of ALLAH. Please dear try to be patient and do not get upset very easy (as I felt from your answer...) sometimes it is just a matter if time. Stay safe and smile :muslim_child::hearts:


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Thank you sister Amina :hearts:

this touched my heart... I know Allah loves me and He loves all of you mashaAllah... I feel loved. Alhamdulilah for Islam!! :SMILY252: :SMILY252: