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Salam alaikum all,

As I am a confused little soul - can anyone tell me whether I have to pray 20 rakaat every night or just last 10 days of ramadhan?

Is it sunnah? Optional?

Please inshaAllah tell me asap. it's 11pm atm and I just finished all my ishaa, so idk whether I should do taraweh now.

JazakAllah khairan!!


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you can pray 8 or 20 rakats of Taraweeh every night. they are nawafil.

( This is my opinion) . you must wait for others replies.


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in some nations, people pray 20 rakats and in some only 8 rakats. it is prayed whole month after isha prayer. this is called taraweeh.

in last 10 days, in addition to taraweehs, there are additional prayers........called qiyam lail (many times 6 long raktats). they are done late after midnight.

all these are nafil prayers.