Teacher denied pilgrimage (funny)


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Assalamu alaykum and I will explain WHY this is funny, give me a minute.

Let's go back to 2007, a Muslim teacher named Safoorah Khan began teaching near Chicago, Illinois. In 2008, she asked for 3 weeks off for Hajj.

The school board denied it, she resigned.

Now, in 2010, she has taken this so far that now the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is on her side and suing that school district. Because when it comes down to it, they made her choose between her job or her religious duties. I found this funny, lol. Since the school district is public and therefore paid by the government.

Anyway, Masha Allah that she had the courage to go as far as to resign from her position for the Hajj, because we never know when it will be too late to make it.

I'm very happy for her and insha'Allah she will get compensation and be reinstated as a teacher. :inshallah:

LINK: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101214/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/us_muslim_teacher



It's odd you find this funny considering it isn't at all. I mean it's not nice to think someone losing their job just because they wanted to accomplish an act of worship. I see that you're glad, but thinking it's funny is just ODD


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Funny? If you say so dearo. :D Masha'Allah I'm happy and very proud of her. :hearts: Thanks for sharing! :ma:


Asalamu Alaykum!
I think the funny part is how by Suing the school, she is inturn suing the federal Government. Because the school was public the gov is going to pay and they are supportive of that. :/