The confession of former US marine


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SubhanAllaah that made me cry :/ May Allaah subhanahu wa ta'ala guide them to Islaam those who testified. Jazaakillaahu khayr for the post.


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May Allah guide him to the truth.
It must have been so hard to admit his crimes...
I dont know about all of you, but i think he deserves forgiveness, as his life will be filled with the horrors of his actions......and he admits them.

I hope this war ends soon....

Just to let you all know, australia is removing all its troops, at the command of our recently chosen new prime minister....


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wow that is so awful. hopefully soon, we can have obama get into office stop this war, because alot other canidates are for pushing on the war. but it sounds like a bunch of unchaperoned kids doing wat they want to do with guns. theres no mission. so many people have been killed. over 3000 americans have been killed which is sad but my road side bombs.... there is no one attacking them. they are either getting into accidents, friendly fire or underground mine bombs. which means there is no enemy they are fighting while over there. plus even if you wanted 2 find nuclear weapons that are under ground; we have enough technology to find things underneath the ground w/o having to send thousands of people to "go looking for it on foot"