The Cost of Sharon’s Medical Treatment Burdens Israel


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JERUSALEM - "With all due respect that must be given for the contributions of Ariel Sharon, we do not understand why the country has to pay this office. We feel that there should be an investigation into this matter by the competent state authorities."

Thus read a part of the letter s which was sent to the Health Department of Israel. This letter criticized the government’s expenditure on the costs of Gilad’s office, the son of ex-Iraeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, at the treatment gallery of his father in the hospital.

The Chim Sheba hospital which is located near Tel Aviv, where Sharon was hospitalized due to a coma since three years ago, is in the process of studying the possibility of sending Sharon to his residence in the ranch that he owned in Negev, tended by the nurses who give the necessary treatment under close monitoring.

The statement issued by the hospital management mentioned, "The team from the hospital is always in contact with the family of Sharon and the medical team who attend Sharon, to identify and find the best way in order to treat Sharon out of the hospital."

Sharon (81 years), who is under treatment due to an acute stroke since January 2006, is still in a comatose condition, though a number of surgeries had been done on his brain. He will be transferred to his residence in South Israel.

The hospital issued the statement after a group called Oomitz sent a letter to the Health Department, the content of which described that the family of Sharon earlier refused the request for arranging the treatment of Sharon out of the hospital.

The team from the hospital said in their statement that, "the Ex-Prime Minister of Israel has received more and better treatments than other average citizens." The hospital team added that the group who sent the letter indicated that the son of Sharon, Gilad, was given an office in the hospital space beside his father, in order to administer private business. The representatives from the hospital did not give any confirmation with regards to the office belonging to the son of Sharon.

According to the Israeli sources to the newspaper, "Yediot Aharonot", the hospital management in its letter said that they felt like a fool over the usage of the hospital space by the son of Sharon besides his father which was turned by Gilad to become an office for administering his private works. It hinders ordinary patients from using the space. Nevertheless, the hospital management indirectly admitted that there was no urgent requirement for the presence of Sharon in the hospital. The hospital affirmed that discussions are ongoing between the team from the medical attendance and the family of Sharon, in order to decide the possibility of receiving the required treatment in an environment away from the hospital.

The sources from Aharonot added that the action of Gilad Sharon to renovate one of the rooms near his father’s bed, to become a special office to run his business from was not part of the finances allocated for Sharon, who suffered from stroke three years ago, since then he had been hospitalized and was in a very long comatose condition. The government allocated funds reaching 1.5 to 2 million shekel per year, including the rostering of workers who manage Sharon, the office and his personal documents archive.


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Why don't they just cut off what is keeping him alive and speed his entry to the Hell Fire....


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Why don't they just cut off what is keeping him alive and speed his entry to the Hell Fire....
Let him live and feel a LOT of pain, in this world AND the hereafter, this is Allah's punishment.
And he is costing a lot.... Haha....



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Reminds me of another evil evil man in history, the one who led the army of elephants to destroy the Ka'bah, and when the birds with stones came and destroyed his army, he had to flee, but by the qadar of Allah, Abraha didn't die instantly, he had many wounds from the stones the birds had thrown and those wounds had become infected, he had to try and make his way back from where he came with those infected wounds, travelling in the harsh desert climate, just when he reached the doorway of his home he died, so Allaah didn't allow him to experience any comfort in this life afterwards.

Like any other opressor, Sharon had his time and now Allaah's decision has come to pass.



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As-salaamu `alaykum.

The man is khabeeth... probably why they're spending so much to keep him in existance.


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When Allah wills for a man to be agonized..He (swt) picks an apparent and lengthy *method*

The lesson learned from this???

Every human reaps the fruits of their doing..whether they're..sweet and ripe..or bitter and rotten!

There *has* to be *some* sort of reaping at *some* point!




알라후 아크바르-Allah Akbar
Wow this doctors are doing everything to keep him alive but they dont know that Allah is the one who put Sharon in this matter.. His neither alive nor dead.. Allah is punishing him 4 what he has done to the Paesltines.. He deserves it.. SubhanAllah and the hellfire is waiting for him.. May Allah punish all thoes evil leaders in the world.. Ameen.. May Allah keep all the Ummah of Islam away from hellfire..Ameen.


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how i thought he was dead, because i saw it on al-jazeera, those headings in orange on the bottom of the screen. it said that he died. but that was before. i happened to read those headings


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Assalamu alaykum, NO way, he is still being treated?

subhan Allaah, perhaps Allah punishes him in dunya !! and then in the grave and then in akhira for his criminal brutality.