The Nailpolish debates...


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It's been forever since the last time I've been on TTI but inshaa'Allah now that school is over I am glad to be back

First of all I decided I would post this not only in the sisters club because we can learn from the brothers too on this topic.

So lately I've been hearing a lot of sisters talking about permeable nailpolishes that let the water penetrate and therefore let you make wuduu with it on. Sadly once one sister said that this was the case many sisters just rushed to buy those nailpolishes.

I think we should all be careful about these things that appear to be halal and we must first confirm it before rushing into anything. As it was said when in doubt is better to avoid it.

Now I am not a huge fan of nailpolish but thought I could get some information here and see if maybe I can be able to show the other side of the debate to other sisters.

So does anybody know what is the ruling with permeable nailpolishes? some girls claim they are just like Hennah and since Hennah is allowed there is no reason this shouldnt.