The Power of Dua


AlQudsu tunadeena

Once prophet Muhammad ( :saw2: ) passed by some people who were suffering from affliction, “why don’t they make dua to Allah for protection” he said. With all the suffering and disasters Muslims are facing in this world, the question can be directed to all of us today.

It is not that we have forgotten dua completely, we refer to it regularly. But our ideas and practice regarding dua have become distorted. Often it is reduced to a level of ritual. Generally it is considered when all our efforts have failed - an act of last resort. It is belittled through actions and sometimes even words. Is it any wonder that today mostly the mention of dua is meant to indicate the hopelessness of a situation?

What a tragedy for dua is the most potent weapon of a believer. It can change fate, while no action of ours ever can. It is the essence of ibadah. With it we can never fail, without it we can never succeed. In the proper scheme of things dua should be our first and last resort, with all our actions and plans coming in between.
Dua is a conversation with Allah, our creator, our Lord, our master, the All knowing, the All powerful. This act in itself is of extraordinary significance. It is most uplifting, liberating, empowering and transforming conversation a person can ever have. We turn to him because we know that he alone can lift our sufferings and solve our problems. We feel relieved after describing our difficulties tour creator. We feel empowered after having communicated with the All mighty. We sense his mercy around us after having talked to the Most Merciful. In every difficulty our first action is dua as is our last. We ask Allah to show us the way to handle this difficulty, we seek his help in following the path he has shown us, we seek his aid in making our efforts successful.
Dua is the essence of ibadah, a person engaged in dua affirms his believe in tawheed, with each dua his belief in Allah grows, he beseeches him, affirming his own powerlessness, and he understand the relation between himself and the creator. Additionally such a person cannot become arrogant o proud, a logical result of true worship.
Dua is our most potent weapon in all struggles of life as well as jihad in the battlefield. We should make a point of making dua for all things big and small, it is the beginning of wisdom to realize that big and small are arbitrary labels that are totally irrelevant in this context. Nothing is too big for the one who we are asking from, nothing is too small for the one who is asking. That is why we have been taught to ask Allah when we need some thing like shoe laces, we should ask as a beggar, as a destitute person, for that is what we in reality are in relationship to Allah. We should remember the hadith ‘there is nothing more dear to Allah than a servant making dua.’ On the other hand, a dua without concentration and conviction is no dua at all.
The Prophet ( :saw2:) has said: “whosoever desires that Allah answers his dua’s in unfavourable times and difficult conditions, he should make plentiful dua in days of ease and comfort.”
We should ask for all our needs, those related to this world as well as those related to the Hereafter.
Those who only concentrate on the former are in fact announcing that they don’t care for their life in the Permanent abode. Those who only concentrate on the latter are also showing a lack of balance, for we need Allah’s help to lead a good life here as well.
We should not only make dua f our selves but also for others, as our Prophet ( :saw2:) has said: “ The dua of a Muslim for his brother(in Islam) in his absence is readily accepted, an angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says ‘Aameen. May you also be blessed with the same”

In the dark ages that we are living in today, every day we here of atrocities committed against our Muslim brothers and sisters. And what do we do? We can just forget or we can stand up before Allah and pray for his help.
The dua can change our life, our out look and our fate. It is the most potent weapon. But it works only for those who try sincerely and seriously to use it.

May Allah give us the true understanding of the word dua.

"First Things First, Khalid Baig"

ma assalaama