"The Taliban Are Well Liked" A Japanese Doctor's Up-close Observations Contradict Ove


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"The Taliban Are Well Liked" A Japanese Doctor's Up-close Observations Contradict Overseas Reports

15 September 2009
Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura works with leprosy patients and refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's a job that keeps him in touch with the raw reality of life in that troubled country. And he says that from what he has seen, the Taliban are being wrongly portrayed internationally. "There's something wrong with the media reports," he says. "This talk of the Taliban being vicious and disliked doesn't fit with reality." Nakamura says the fundamentalists have wide support from the population, particularly in rural areas. "Otherwise, how can they rule 95% of the country with only 15,000 soldiers?"

Villagers around Nakamura's Peshawar base hospital and 10 clinics in both northwestern Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan were pleased to see peace established under Taliban rule, he says. The Pushtun people, who make up two-thirds of the Afghan population, can accept strict Muslim codes because they have lived by them all their lives, he says. Women are not deprived of education or jobs, as far as he can see. In fact, half the local doctors at his clinics are women.

So why are the people of the capital, Kabul, reportedly hoping to see the Taliban overthrown? "The Taliban may act differently there," he told me when we met recently in Tokyo. "They're obliged to fix the corrupt urban life. The people most vocal in criticizing the Taliban are upper-class Afghans who have been deprived of their privileges." Nakamura's words reminded me of news footage I have seen several times since the attacks on New York and Washington. Shot by French journalists in Afghanistan, it showed Afghan women speaking critically of the Taliban. Significantly, they are dressed in shiny silk-like costumes, with large rings on their fingers.

Nakamura, 55, says the anti-Taliban Northern Alliance are not the freedom fighters some journalists describe them as. Villagers are frightened of them because they are more violent and cruel than the Taliban, he says. They execute innocent people in horrific ways, though not in public as the Taliban do as a warning to others.

Nakamura works for Peshawar – kai Medical Services, a Japanese aid agency based in Fukuoka City that has been operating in the Peshawar district for 17 years. He first visited the area as an alpinist when he was still a medical school student in Fukuoka. Shocked by the lack of medical care in the area, particularly for leprosy patients, he volunteered to work at a local hospital in l984. He says: "I spent most of my time not in straight medical work but in trying to understand my patients, their lifestyles and values -- what makes them weep or what matters most for them. "Luckily, I can eat anything and sleep anywhere," he grins.

Nakamura has seen foreigners visiting Afghanistan and returning home to criticize the Muslim culture -- from a Western perspective. These people may be "heroes or heroines in London or New York," he says, "but they contribute nothing to the welfare of Afghans." As for suggestions the Taliban have cut the country off from the world, Nakamura says the Afghans are perhaps better informed than the Japanese, as they listen daily to BBC radio in their own language.

The doctor's greatest concern is the fate of millions of starving refugees in and around Afghanistan. Over one million of them are suffering from hunger, he says, while up to 40% are bordering on starvation. He thinks 10% could die during the winter. Nakamura and his staff stopped focusing exclusively on leprosy in the l980s as they had so many refugees to deal with, many suffering from malaria, diarrhea, infections and fever. Severe draught in recent years created hundreds of thousands of refugees. And now the American bombing and the fear of an invasion has brought more. His aid agency helps to dig wells not only to provide water but also for irrigation for farms, so that the refugees can return to their villages.

Back home in Japan temporarily and thinking of his base area in Pakistan and Afghanistan, Nakamura says: "It's all like a mirage far off in the desert." He fondly recalls the red-brown soil of Afghanistan fields, the villagers sharing their joy about water from newly dug wells, and the friendly faces of Taliban soldiers helping villagers. "I have one simple question," he says. "What are the big powers trying to defend by attacking this ailing, tiny country?" It's a good question.

Source- www.esinislam.com

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the answer to the question asked by nakamura which is why they attacked afganistan is simple.....its not bout affghanistan but all about pakistan cause pakistan is the only islamic state with a nuclear bomb which those devil worshipping zionists fear....and afghanistan was pakistans ally...whenever india threatened to attack pakistan all of afghanistan would stand by our side.....but thanks to that dog musharraf they 1st destroyed afghanistan made their base as close as they could and now the have finally entered pakistan....BLACKWATER IS IN PAKISTAN and also 3 other agencies of the like........blackwater guards are roaming the streets in peshawar as i have heard and they r taking hits on people also.... they are coming closer and closer to our nuclear arsenal....its all obvious now.....a perfect plan was executed by those zionists which took 8 years and thousands of lives but in the end i will say something for those zionists "And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah".




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Hmm, not everyone in these areas are supporters of the Taleban and I know that for a fact. I don't know many pashtuns (me being one of them) who support the taleban, they just see things from a different perspective and a lot of what you hear fro the media about the taleban is usually false; which is what i've been told by people living there.

An interesting read.

ya allah madad

giving justice without heavy taxes was the main fear to western capitalism.
the western powers were afraid of this system of justice you can never see on the face of the earth.believe me their is no justice in the western society (i am pointing toward western society because we always look at western system of justice whenever it comes to justice)
secondly, the threat to New World Order.Zionists want to apply and flourish their own order of believes and faiths.their slogan is" think by stomach not by mind."
i live in the area where taliban have great influence on the social life of the people and we highly admire them because when have their real faces.what the western media(dajjal's eye) is portraying them is all bogus and has nothing to do with reality.they are the most benign and kind people i have ever seen.
pakistan is piece of land and its already a colony of the Dajjal force but what made the dajjal force invade afghanistan was that the talibaan were musllims and they were doing jihad. the only threat to New World Order is jihad and it is our imaan that muslims will be doing jihad till the day of judgement.
do research ,and you will find that Muhammed Peace Be upon Him has called them Black Banners.
Ameen to your duas brother.


The problem lies in their belief in ISLAM. No matter how much good and well mannered the muslims are, the JEW/Christian will never ever appreciate muslims as long as they have love for ALLAH and His prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in their hearts. It is clearly mentioned in the KORAN.

1. Never will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you till you follow their religion. Say: "Verily, the Guidance of Allah (i.e. Islamic Monotheism) that is the (only) Guidance. And if you were to follow their (Jews and Christians) desires after what you have received of Knowledge (i.e. the Qur'an), then you would have against Allah neither any Wali (protector or guardian) nor any helper.

Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #120.

This is another proof that ISLAM is the true.