The Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah


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1. Allah says in the Qur'ân:

"By the dawn and by the ten nights … " [Al-Qur'ân 89:1-2]

Ibn Kathîr said that "the ten nights" referred to here are the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, and this opinion was also held by Ibn Abbâs, Ibn az-Zubair, Mujâhid and others.

2. The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said:

"There are no deeds as excellent as those done in these ten days." They (the companions listening) said, "Not even Jihâd?" He, peace be upon him, said, "No, not even Jihâd except a man who goes forth endangering his life and wealth and does not return with anything." [Recorded by al-Imâm al-Bukhârî]

3. Allah says:

" … and remember the name of Allah in the appointed days." [Al-Qur'ân 2:203]

Ibn Abbâs and Ibn Kathîr said this means in the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah.

4. The Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, said:

"There are no other days that are as great as these in the sight of Allah, the Most Sublime. Nor are there any deeds more beloved to Allah then those that are done in these ten days. So increase in tahlîl (to say lâ illaha illallah), takbîr (to say allahu akbar) and tahmîd (to say alhumdulillâh)." [Reported by at-Tabarânî in al-Mu'jum al-Kabîr]

5. With regards to the noble companion Saîd bin Jubair, when the days of Dhul-Hijjah began he would strive to increase in good actions with great intensity until he was unable to increase anymore. [Reported by ad-Dârimî]

6. Ibn Hajar says in Fath al-Bârî:

"The most apparent reason for the ten days of Dhul-Hijjah being distinguished in excellence is due to the assembly of the greatest acts of worship in this period, i.e. salawât (prayers), siyâm (fasting), sadaqah (charity) and the hajj (pilgrimage). In no other periods do these great deeds combine."

My advice to my brothers and sisters

It is wondereful to pray on time, to observe voluntray fasting since fasting these ten days is extremely recommended.The prophet may peace and blessings be upon him says concerning fasting the day of arafat "Be content with the fact that Allah will expiate for you your sins for the year before (the day of 'Arafah) and the year after (the day of 'Arafah)." [Reported by Muslim].

To do dikr such as saying allahu akbar; lâ illaha illallah and alhamdulillâh - It is found in the aforementioned narration of Ibn 'Umar,and also to read the Quran,visit patience in hospitals or at their home,attend lectures ,gathering circles, go with the funeral and all types of good deeds.I would like to remind you of the woman who entered the hell because she hurt her neighbour.She performd all type of obedience but when it comes to conduct and behaviour she faild.We should control our tongues,cleasen our heart and not to be selfish.Other thing i would like to stress is charity.
The rich people their first concern after performing their obligatory acts is to spend for Allah sake.There are orphans, needy,, widows, sick ,poor and u relatives, who can not beg .Search for them before the day of eid. Put smile on their lips by buying them sheep and wipe orphans hair.Satisfy their needs and even pay off their debts.Make sure by doing so Allah will earse u sins , comfort your thought and cure u and in addition to that grant paradise.

Those who are unable to fast the day of arafat.feed the fasting person.Take some Dates to mosque or let women delegate their husbands , children or brothers to do this act.Women also can prepare meal with the intention of feeding the fasting person.Invite u friends in u home.If you know a poor family in u neighbourhood invite them to break the fast with you and give them some meat or even money to celebrate the eid.
We should be full of deeds and few of words.Good deeds should speak louder.

As for those who have an average or limited income giving some dollars with good intention can excell the rich who gives thousands.U concern should be performing qiyam , giving advice, showing good deeds to others and doing dikr plus other good deeds such as learning and teaching Quran

Do not miss this opportunity probably next year u can be among the dead.
Send much peace and blessing upon our beloved prophet after u finish reading