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The different meanings of prepositions, conjunctions and how they are used in the Quran. How different particles of negation are used in the Quran, how condition and interrogation are used in the Quran. The coherence of the Quran and its remarkable structure. Is the Quran is repetitive? Analysis of similar ayaat. The meanings lost in translation. Stories in the Quran and detailed linguistic analysis, word choice analysis, themes and how they fit in to the context of the Surah. Words with similar meanings and how they are used in the Quran to perfection. rhetorical aspects related to mentioning and omission. Rhetorical usages of demonstrative and relative pronouns. The usages of the nominal and verbal sentences. Balagha discussions regarding oaths, adjectives, Haals, badl etc The so-called “Grammatical errors” will be explained away. Plurals and how they are used in the Quran. why do some words have more than one plural. other derived nouns will be discussed like the Sifah mushbaha, ism mubalagha and the meanings associated with different patterns verb usages the difference between a masdar and masdar mu’waal. Emphasis in the Quran.

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