The Way to Happiness, Peace and Security.Islamic Book about attaining True Happiness


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[imgleft][/imgleft]The Way to Happiness. Based on book "happiness between illusion and reality" and the "Causes of Happiness" by Shaykh AbdurRahman as Sa'di. By Ghalib Ahmad Masri and Nathif Jama Adam. Definition of Happiness, Sources of Happiness, Barriers to Real Happiness and How Best to attain Happiness.... How to get inner peace.

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Happiness, its barriers and Islamic way to happiness

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The chapters in book, gives a good overview of what to do to achieve happiness
The Way To Happiness
Based on:
"Happiness Between Illusion And Reality" By Dr. Nasser Al-Omar And "Causes Of Happiness" By Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sa'adi.

Prepared by:
Ghalib Ahmad Masri And Nathif Jama Adam.

Definition of Happiness
What is happiness?

Sources Of Happiness

Happiness In Wealth
Christina Onassis​

Happiness In Rank And Position
The Shah Of Iran
Ferdinand Marcos
Jean Bedel Bokassa
Nicolae Ceausescu
Rajiv Gandhi

Educational Achievements

Happiness In Fame​
Two Articles (Excerpts)​

Barriers to Real Happiness
> Disbelief In Allah And Lack Of True Faith
> Sin And Crime
> Envy And Jealousy
> Ill-Will
> Anger
> Injustice
> Fear Of Worldly Power
> Pessimism
> Suspicion
> Arrogance
> Devotion To Other Than Allah
> Alcohol, Drugs And Drug Addiction

Landmarks On The Way To Happy Life (Factors And Pre-Requisites Of Happiness)
- Sound Belief
- Worship And Devotion To Allah
- Remembrance Of Allah
- Goodness And Kindness To Others
- Renunciation Of Too-Long Term Hopes And Grifs Of The Past
- Forgetting About Pepole With Higher Standard Of Living
- Building Of Better Understanding Of Things And Getting Rid Of Misconceptions And Superstitions
- Achieving Harmony Within Oneself And With The Outward World
- Good Health, Time, Affluence And Sound Reasoning
Social Solidarity
- Stability Of The Human Personality
- The Feeling Of Peace And Security
- Repentance
- Learning And Pursuit Of Knowledge
- Selection Of Friends
- Strong Will And Self-Confidence
- Being On Good Terms With Family, Friends And Colleagues


ouddene bouziane

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barak Allah fikom
we hope to get benifits from this important book.
ther is no true happiness but in Islam
wherever we go to get it. our efforts will go in vain
but in our wenderful Islam.we feel it. we taste it.
and the best happiness that lasts forever
alhamd lillah.