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A certain king owned everything a man could wish for and still he did not know the purpose of life. The answer to three questions made his life difficult:

1. What should I do?
2. With which people should I do the things God asks me to do?
3. When should I do it?

The King asked the advice of all kinds of wise people, and then he was told that there was a wise man, who lived far away, and who might give him a satisfactory answer. The King immediately left and after a journey of several weeks he met the wise man. The wise man was cultivating his own land.

The King was asked his three questions to the wise man. The wise man did not answer him and continued with his work. The King became angry and said: "Don't you know who I am. I am the King of Kings". But this did not make any impression as well and the wise man continued doing what he was doing.

A heavily wounded man suddenly appeared and he dropped to the ground in front of the wise man. The wise man said to the King: "Help me to carry this man to my place!" "I'll help you," the King said, "but will you answer my questions afterwards?"

"Later!" the wise man said and together they brought the wounded man to the hut of the wise man and took care of him.

"And now I'd like to receive the answers to my questions," the King said. "You can return to your palace," the wise man said, "because you have already received the answers to your questions.

As to what to do, you should do what comes to you on your path.

As to with whom you should do it, the answer is with those who are present.

And as for the when to do it, you should do it the moment it takes place".



This is a profound post. Live in the present. Be grateful for the present and work as if there is nothing else.