Time is of the essence


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Each day we need to write a list
Of Deeds we wish to do
Have faith and dhikr on our lips
And see our guidelines through
The day is coming, everyone, and time is almost up
So pay attention, heed, I'd say
And pray and worship much

We're running out of time, and boy on that day we'll regret
We don't have much to stop us except simple laziness
If we treat each day like it's our last, the scales will be affected
So do more good than bad each day, and keep your parents well respected
In salat: think of death
When eating: remember the poor
When talking, watch your words
And have patience when someone snores
We all forget so remind yourself: the time is coming soon
Unlike the rich, in Deen none of us have been born with silver spoons.


ربنا اغفر لنا ذنوبنا
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Salaam Akhi-

.."N have patience when someone snores"!?Lol:biggrin:
But masha'allah, It's something Everyone should reflect upon!!
JazakAllah for sharing this>:biggrin::biggrin: