Unique Baby Boy names???


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Assalamu Alaykum,
Alhamdulillah my sister is having a baby boy. We are looking for a Unique Muslim Baby boy name. Please write any suggestion below. Jazakallahu Khayran.


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I always said I would call a son if I had more Essen. Really nice
Congratulations to your sister !!!


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Barakallah fikum for your sister and family
These are the names loved by Allah:
* Abdullah
* Abdurrahman
The Prophet's names also good and bring barakah (blessing) Insha Allah, such as: Muhammad, Ibrahim, Yusuf, Ismail, Isa, Daud, Sulaiman, etc.
Those are my suggestion


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I always liked my husbands name which i feel was different i hadn't herd it before [El-YAMINE] which means people of the right side his mother said the people given there books in there right hand


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Anas, Abu Bakr, Abdullah, Abdurahman, Abdurahim, Abdul Khaliq, Abdul Jabbar, Abdulmalik, Mus'ab, Sa'id, Zayd, Hudayfa, Ahmed, Mohammad, Musa, Harun, Suleiman, Salim, Sami, Amir, Amiin, Ayyub, Ya'qub, Yusuf, Yahya, Yunus, 'Umar, Bukhari, Bashiir,


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I have two very unique names for you...I stumbled on them about two months ago...the names are:

1. Aban

It was the name of one of the sons of Sayidina Othman (r.a.)...who was a prince over Madinah over a while and one of the people who contributed much to Islam...but for some reason...we don't hear much about him...and it is also the name of one of those who wrote the Qura'an when it was revealed (full name is Aban bin Sae'ed bin Al-Aa's)..and a whole bunch of others...

Anyway...the name means:

One who reveals or clarifies

As for the second name...that one is:

2. Aseed

It was the name of 8 companions of the prophet (pbuh)...one of which was Aseed bin Hodhayer...who had a tremendously beautiful voice in reciting the Qura'an...there is a story about him reciting the Qura'an one night..and he had to *pause* reciting due to his horses running away one by one...when he feared that one of them will harm his friend..he stopped reciting completely and ran after it..but he noticed shadows which flew towards the sky when he did so..and that puzzled him...so he went to the prophet (pbuh) and told him everything that happened that night in detail...the prophet (pbuh) said to him..."these (the shadows) were angels listening to your recitation..and if you had continued your recitation..morning would have not come without them being visible for all to see"

What a beautiful story...imagine how beautifully he recited the Holy Qura'an for that to happen to him...sobhanallah...

As for the meaning..it is:

A man who due to courage, became (strong like) a lion

The meanings might sound weird when translated to English..but they are absolutely beautiful if you reflect on them :)..and I have kept them in mind for any sons I might have one day inshallah :shymuslima1:

I hope I helped...




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:salam2: my husband's name is Driss (or Idris in classical Arabic) and my son is Mounir. I also really like Bilal and Mehdi :) Keep us informed on the new arrival, Insha Allah.



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These are few of the names my husband and I are considering if we have a boy.






I think their quite uncommon.

meer suhail

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Asalam o Alykum

nice beautiful names
ok most recommended names
Abdullah and Abdul rehman

and then how you guys forgot this name

(meer = leader) (Suhail = name of a star(It is the name of the second-brightest star in the southern night sky, also known as Canopus.), also means ,smart ,)handsome ,)


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hope u like one of the following names:


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Check these......

Safiy - Best friend

Zaafir - Victorious

Thaqib - Shooting Star

Qays - Firm

Nawfal - Generous, Old Arabic name for the sea

Nabeel - Noble

Misbaah - Lamp

Kaamil - Perfect

Ayman - Lucky, On the right

Afeef - Chaste, Modest

Awad - Reward, Compensation

Bishr - Joy